Immunoglobulin complex preparation "KIP": instructions for use


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Immunoglobulin complex preparation, orsimply "KIP", the instruction for use defines as an immunostimulating drug intended to enhance specific immunity. This agent significantly increases the content of antibodies to enteroviruses and enterobacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella and Escherichia. In addition, the medicine "KIP", the price of which is about seven hundred rubles, effectively increases the number of immunoglobulins contained in the blood. At the same time, the manufacturer emphasizes that this drug does not contain antibiotics or preservatives. Immunobiological characteristics of this drug are directly due to the presence of IgA, IgG and IgM.

Composition of the preparation and form of release

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The preparation "KIP" (instruction onapplication is in each package) in the form of lyophilizate, intended for the preparation of a solution for further ingestion. The concentrate itself is an amorphous mass of blue or white. The composition of this immunostimulant as the main element is three hundred milligrams of human immunoglobulin. The role of an auxiliary ingredient is glycine. The latter is contained in the volume of one hundred milligrams.

List of indications for use

Assign a "KIP" tool instruction for useadvises people who suffer from acute forms of intestinal infections and dysbacteriosis that develop after a course of chemotherapy or as a result of the negative effects of radiation. In addition, this drug is quite actively used during immunocorrective therapy in young patients. So, I recommend taking the "KIP" tool for the use of children with weakened health, premature infants, as well as those babies who are on artificial feeding. In addition, this drug is indicated to be used to prevent the development of infectious diseases in people with so-called acquired immunodeficiency and in persons who have a decreased immune status (elderly, disabled).

Contraindications and precautions

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Assign a "KIP" tool instruction for usecategorically prohibits patients suffering from individual intolerance to glycine. People with an allergic reaction to immunoglobulin should also stop using this immunostimulating drug. However, in some cases, treatment can be continued using antihistamines. In addition, the drug should not be used in the absence of mandatory labeling of the vial containing lyophilizate, if its integrity is impaired, in the event of a change in physical properties or the presence of any foreign inclusions. If the temperature storage regime established by the manufacturing company is not observed, this immunostimulating agent should also not be used.