Orange Essential Oil - one of the most popular essential oils


The essential oil of an orange has long been used as afor medicinal purposes, and as a raw material for perfumes and cosmetics. Its quality directly depends on the method and technology of extraction. The most high-quality oil can be obtained by pressing orange peel without pulp.

List all substances in its compositionit's a thankless task, because the essential orange oil contains about 500 chemicals. Leading among them are: monoterpene D-limonene (about 90%), monoterpenol, D-linalool. All of them have antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties.

The essential oil of orange contains alsoa significant amount of caprylic acid esters with a good sedative effect; citral and citronellal, known as excellent sedative and antiviral substances.

Orange oil has found its application inmany areas. It has long been used in the therapy of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the bladder and kidneys, arrhythmias, cellulitis, depressive and anxious conditions. This oil stimulates carbohydrate-fat metabolism and elimination of various toxic substances from the body. It has a choleretic effect, prevents the formation of stones, restores the work of the intestine. Orange oil has a calming effect and mobilizes the adaptive and protective capabilities of the body. It significantly accelerates the recovery period after surgery and infections.

Essential oil of orange significantly reducestension with accommodation, relieves eye fatigue, especially after heavy loads on the organs of vision. It has a beneficial effect on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. It is often used to prevent diabetes mellitus. This oil has a slight antispasmodic effect, it improves appetite.

It is recommended to use as a remedyto care for dry, horny and rough skin, as it actively feeds it, speeds up the processes of metabolism, increases the turgor, tones up the skin, stimulates renewal. Thanks to it, small wrinkles are smoothed out. This oil helps maintain a smooth tan and protects the skin. Using orange oil in hair care can stop their loss and eliminate dandruff.

To increase the tone, it is recommended to regularly apply essential oil of orange for aroma lamps. To care for the skin and improve the respiratory tract, inhalations with oil are used.

It is very effective to use this oil forcarrying out of massage and baths. Often it is used in baths. To restore the skin apply hand and foot baths (10 drops per 3 liters of water). To enrich the shampoo or cream, the oil is added to their composition.

The famous mandarin essential oil is differentgentle, light, fruity-sweet aroma. It is produced by pressing fresh peel. It has carminative, spasmolytic and choleretic action. This oil is an aromatic adaptogen. It perfectly improves the protective function of the body. It is recommended for use in inflammation and bleeding gums. Mandaric oil can eliminate any putrefactive processes in the intestines. It excellently removes irritability and nervous tension. It prevents obesity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. This oil is very effective in treating cellulite.

Orange and tangerine essential oil for pregnant women is prescribed in bad mood and anxious states, and also as a means of preventing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

Before using the oil should be checked for an allergic reaction to the substances that make up its composition.