Means "Gaviscon" (suspension). Instructions for use


Means "Gaviscon" (suspension), the price of whichbegins from 130 rubles and above, refers to antacid medicines. After penetration into the body, the medication begins a rapid interaction with acidic gastric contents. In the process, the alginate gel is formed, which prevents the development of gastroesophageal reflux.


Gaviscon suspension price

The preparation "Gaviscon" (suspension) instruction onapplication recommends for symptomatic therapy of diarrheal phenomena due to high acidity in gastric juice and gastroesophageal reflux. In particular, medication is used for heartburn, a feeling of heaviness after eating, with pregnancy, acidic eructation.

How to take "Gaviscon"

Suspension is given orally before and afterfood. Patients with twelve years are recommended to 10-20 ml. Maximum allowed per day 80 ml. From six to twelve, they prescribe 5-10 ml each. For this category of patients, the maximum daily amount of the drug is 40 ml. For elderly patients, dose adjustments are not required.

Means Gaviscon "(suspension). Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

Gaviscon suspension
On the basis of medication,allergies. As a rule, it is associated with increased sensitivity to components. In general, the drug is transferred satisfactorily to patients at different ages, subject to the requirements of the annotation and the recommendations of the specialist. If there are any adverse reactions not described in the manual or a worsening condition, you should visit a doctor.


The "Gaviscon" (suspension) tool foruse does not allow for use when hypersensitivity to substances in its composition, as well as at the age of up to six years. Allowed to take the medicine during pregnancy and lactation. But the appointment is determined by the doctor. In general, the "Gaviscon" (suspension) (the instruction for use confirms this) is not contraindicated for lactating and pregnant women. But treatment in these periods should be supervised by a specialist. When appointing patients who have a disorder of kidney function, one should take into account the presence of 141 mg sodium in 10 ml of the drug. This fact is important when it is necessary to comply with a diet with a limited amount of salt (on the background of congestive heart failure, renal dysfunction).

how to take geviscon suspension
additional information

In the absence of a therapeutic outcomeafter a seven-day course of treatment should consult a doctor. In practice, there are no cases of drug exposure to psychomotor reactions of patients. In this regard, the drug is allowed to be consumed by persons of various (including potentially dangerous) occupations. In case of an overdose, bloating and headaches are noted. When poisoning the drug is symptomatic therapy. Store the medicine at a temperature not higher than 15 degrees, away from children and direct sunlight. The product is allowed to be used for 3 years from the date of manufacture. In spite of over-the-counter leave from pharmacies, you should visit a doctor before taking the medication.