We want a child: the best time for conception of children


Many couples do not know how to calculatetime of conception. They believe that pregnancy requires regular sex and lack of protection. So it is so, but few people are aware that in the month there are only a few days in which the partner can become pregnant. The ability to conceive a child depends on the fertility of the woman and her menstrual cycle.

the best time for conception of children

In order for a pregnancy to occur,It is necessary that ovulation occurs and the egg is fertilized by the qualitative spermatozoon of its sexual partner. As a rule, in ideal conditions this occurs on the 14th day after the onset of menstruation - this is the best time for conception of children. But every woman is individual, and therefore the time of ovulation can move a few days forward or back. In this case, the egg itself, which emerged from the ovary, in which the dominant follicle ripens, remains viable for only 24 hours, while male spermatozoa are active for 5-7 days after ejaculation.

how to calculate the time of conception

In order to track the best time for conceptionchildren, you can use tests to determine ovulation. They fix the release of the luteinizing hormone (LH) into the body - its maximum is reached when the second strip on the test becomes brighter than the control one. After the peak of the level of LH the ovary ovulates within 12-48 hours - during this period of time unprotected sexual contacts can lead to the desired pregnancy.

Determine the best time for conception of children,visiting the ultrasound room and conducting folliculometry. On such a survey, the doctor controls the process, as the dominant follicle matures. He can determine the day of ovulation with an accuracy of one day and after confirming it with the presence of a yellow body in the ovary and free fluid in the anterior space. As a rule, the egg leaves when reaching the dominant follicle size of 20-25 mm.

conception of a child during menstruation

Measuring basal temperature will also helpunderstand your body and determine on which days of the menstrual cycle you have the best time for conception of children. In order to correctly calculate fertile days, it is necessary to observe certain conditions: to measure the temperature (rectally), the same thermometer and at the same time daily. You can mark the temperature readings on the sheet, connecting the points of all measurements. As a result, you should get a curve with a sharp rise in temperature in the middle of the cycle - this is ovulation.

Pay attention to the signs,indicating the approach of ovulation. As a rule, 1-2 days before it, the discharge becomes similar to egg white, and sexual desire intensifies. On such days, a woman feels most successful and beautiful, which attracts the opposite sex.

Many people are wondering whether conception is possiblea child during menstruation. If we consider that spermatozoa survive in the acid environment of a woman for 5-7 days after ejaculation, and ovulation occurred early (on the 9-11th day of the cycle), then the onset of pregnancy becomes quite likely.