Nutritional and medicinal properties of dandelion flowers


Little suns with the arrival of spring dottedyellow carpet lawns, lawns, fringes, roadside roads. Thanks to light, fluffy seeds, spreading in the wind, a dandelion grows wherever plant life is possible, except for areas of permafrost and lifeless deserts.

medicinal properties of dandelion flowers
Dandelion in folk medicine

The healing properties of dandelion flowers are knownmany centuries. Traditional medicine uses all parts of the plant - roots, leaves, flowers - to improve liver and kidney function, normalize digestion, improve general tone, purify blood, and also for cosmetic purposes. Its action is caused by a high content of useful bitterness - taraxacin, as well as flavonoids, inulin, carotene, essential oils and tannins, protein and organic acids, important for human microelements (zinc, selenium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus), as well as vitamins A, B2, C. Decoctions and infusions from different parts of the plant are used for various diseases. Thus, leaves and roots are effective as a diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, and also as an antipyretic for colds. The bitterness in the leaves stimulates the production of gastric juice and improves appetite. Dandelion flowers have a different effect. Their healing properties are fully manifested in alcoholic infusions.

flowers dandelion medicinal properties

To prepare a healing drug 50 gramsinflorescences need to pour 0.5 liters of vodka, close and put in a dark place for two weeks. With pain in the muscles and joints, there is no better tool for rubbing. Another way is to fill a dark bottle that has just been torn off by dandelion flowers, pour alcohol or triple cologne and put in a dark cool place for three weeks. Do not filter. With colds, body aches and joints, this means for rubbing will become a real first aid.

The healing properties of dandelion flowers can beuse and in the form of water infusions and broths. For their preparation you need 10 flowers (fresh or dry) to pour a glass of boiling water and to soak the water bath for fifteen minutes. Then strain and take three to four times a day on a tablespoon to reduce pressure, with bloating, to normalize the stool. Decoction of dandelion flowers is useful to drink several times a day for diseases of the respiratory tract and tuberculosis.

Therapeutic properties of dandelion flowers in home cosmetology

First of all, it should be noted that inIn any case, the reception of folk remedies from a dandelion is well reflected in the condition of the skin. Otherwise, it can not be: after all, they clean vessels, intestines, normalize sleep, increase tone, and therefore, have a beneficial effect on appearance. In addition, decoctions of leaves and flowers of the plant are an excellent lotion for cleansing and toning the skin of the face and body. Dandelion juice successfully treats skin diseases - eczema, boils and other inflammatory processes, reduces calluses and warts. Sometimes, to get the effect, it is sufficient to apply a dandelion to the affected area several times.

dandelion flowers medicinal properties

Flowers - medicinal properties in the diet

Everyone heard these cute phrases: wine from dandelions, jam from dandelions. But few know how to cook them. Meanwhile, there is nothing complicated in this. For jam, you need to collect 400 dandelion inflorescences, slice two lemons together with zest, pour a liter of boiling water and cook for ten minutes. Infuse for a day, then strain, add a half cup of sugar, cook until thick and hot to pour over the jars. Jam perfectly goes to tea. And in the morning it can be taken on a teaspoon on an empty stomach - this is an excellent tool for cleansing the biliary tract and liver, to raise the tone.

As for dandelion wine, it is being preparedeven easier. The main thing is to collect a liter jar of flowers. Fold them in a container, pour three and a half liters of boiling water and leave for a day to insist. On the second day - strain, add citric acid (two teaspoons), sugar dissolved in water (1 kg), a few highlights. Insist in the heat a few days. Who made homemade wine, he knows that when fermenting on a jar or a bottle, put on a lid with a rubber tube or a rubber glove to divert air. The wine will be ready not earlier than a month. The healing properties of dandelion flowers are fully preserved in this low-alcoholic beverage, similar to champagne.

Dandelion is included in the diet of not only sick, but also quite healthy people in the form of spring salads, juice, coffee from roasted roots of plants, tea from inflorescences.