Sage: medicinal properties and application


Most women dream of staying young andbeautiful as long as possible. But not all the fair sex knows what kind of remedy exists in nature to maintain beauty and health. This is sage. From the Latin language, the title translates as "saving" - and this is not accidental. In folk medicine, this plant is used quite often.

sage healing properties

What is sage, and why is it useful?

A small shrub with truly "magical"leaves blooms in the first half of summer. It is the leaves used in pharmaceutics as a medicinal raw material for the preparation "Salvia". The healing properties of the plant are due to the content in it of essential oils, organic acids, vitamins P and tannins, which have a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce gassing. In ancient times, from infertility, also used sage. The properties of this plant are diverse: it is anti-inflammatory, and expectorant, and soothing. Also, the leaves of the bush with regular use in food can reduce sweating. Sage, the medicinal properties of which are manifested through the phytohormone contained in it, is incredibly useful for the female body. On its basis, a large number of preparations have been created, but traditional medicine remains also popular.

sage medicinal properties contraindications
Folk recipes of health: infusion of sage

So, for the preparation of infusion, two tablespoonsraw materials need to pour a glass of hot water, boil for 10 minutes, then cool and drain. This drink is recommended to be used instead of tea for inflammation of the stomach, spasms, peptic ulcer, gas accumulation.

Essential oil

Do not forget about essential oil, whichcan be prepared using sage. The healing properties of this remedy are especially effective in radiculitis, joint pain and various skin lesions. To make butter, fresh leaves should be put on a wide gauze and hold over the steam. Under the influence of fumes, sage will start to emit a strong flavor. Then it should be put in a jar and pour a glass of sunflower oil, then for some time "to torment" in a water bath. Store the cooled oil in an opaque container in a cool and dark place. Where is the fragrant oil used? First, it positively affects the emotional sphere, relieves stress and helps to get rid of depression. Secondly, the grass (and therefore oil, too) normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system, increases the body's tone, overall performance. For the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, the essential oil of the sage plant is also used, the medicinal properties of which help to restore the settled voice. It is also used in cosmetology: it smooths wrinkles, serves for hair cleansing.

sage properties

In most cases this remedy does not causeirritations, but there are situations when a negative effect on the body of the plant sage. Therapeutic properties (contraindications to the use of oil - hypertension, insomnia or nervous excitement, pregnancy and the period of feeding) of the leaves are manifested only with proper use. The dosage of the drug is as follows:

  • for aromatherapy enough a few drops of oil, for inhalations - to inhale from the bottle a few minutes;
  • for external use it is necessary to dilute 10 drops of oil in 0.5 tbsp. water, and for compresses the dosage can be slightly increased.
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