Unique medicinal properties of soda


Baking soda is unique, it is widely used inculinary, folk medicine and household and household spheres. Make her cosmetic products, which produce a delicious effect on the skin. The medicinal properties of soda are of great value, it is even added to some medications that help neutralize the acidity of the stomach. Let's talk in more detail about the valuable qualities and methods of application.

medicinal properties of soda

Soda helps not only to cope with heartburn, butstill perfectly fights with cellulite crust and restores the structure of hair bulbs on the head. The healing properties of soda are known from ancient times. She was taken with foot baths - they helped to eliminate unpleasant smells and destroy harmful microorganisms.

People with increased sweating were recommendedrub dry soda into the moist skin of the axillae, and after a few minutes, rinse. This procedure prevents the reproduction of bacteria, which allows you to get rid of the fetid smell. Well, who among us does not know that it can still be used as a bleaching agent for tooth enamel.

 medicinal properties of baking soda

For this it is sufficient to apply a small amountBicarbonate on toothpaste and brush your teeth. The course is about a month. The result will be stunning. So without using expensive means you will return the teeth snow white and neutralize the unpleasant odor in the mouth. The therapeutic properties of baking soda every time surprise.

Healing baths with soda help to facilitatea condition at a dermatitis, ichthyosis, a psoriasis. In hot water (38-39 degrees), you should pour 25 grams of magnesium carbonate, soda and magnesium perborate. The procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes. The skin after taking such a bath becomes smooth, silky and moisturized - the roughness, itching and flaking disappear. Do you think that the medicinal properties of baking soda are limited? Deeply you are mistaken.

Hydrocarbonate is indispensable for biting mosquitoes, midgesand other insects. They make a slurry and smeared the affected areas. Already after the first procedure, a person's swelling and itching decrease. Our ancestors also used this method to treat chickenpox and urticaria. The recipe is vintage, proven for centuries.

medicinal properties of baking soda

Unique therapeutic properties of soda will helpto cope with thrush (candidiasis). For sure, almost every woman knows about the inconvenience this disease brings. In addition to drug treatment, you can add soda or douche baths. A liter of water (boiled) takes 5 grams of iodine and 10 grams of bicarbonate. A solution should be syringed several times a day. Healing solution will help cure and cystitis.

For oily hair, you can recommend the followingrecipe: combine the shampoo with a small amount of soda (4: 1), rinse the head well and rinse with cool water. After this procedure, the hair will become silky and smooth.

To alleviate pain in angina andcatarrhal diseases will help strong soda rinses. You can also get rid of toothache and pustules on the tonsils. Solutions are often used as inhalants and expectorants.

Recently, many people have started using sodafor weight loss, but it is better not to conduct such experiments without a doctor's control, since it is likely to worsen the state of health. The healing properties of soda can be listed endlessly, most importantly - know the measure and conduct treatment correctly and in a complex.