Meadowsweet. Therapeutic properties of the plant


Labaznik, whose application is widelyis common not only in homeopathy and folk medicine, but also in official medicine, it occurs in places where there is a surplus of moisture. These can be river banks, meadows and ravines. Its grass is stored during flowering (June to July), and the roots can be harvested in autumn and spring, until the appearance of greenery.

medicinal properties

Active ingredients of the plant

What is so useful mobaznik? The healing properties (photo of a plant - in the article) have mainly a part located underground. It consists of a slanting, not very large rhizome, from which the thin roots branch off. In the middle they have globular thickenings, which people call earth nuts.

Meadowsweet. Healing properties with skin diseases

When diapering, dry flowers of the plant needpowder into powder. They are covered with sore spots. With ulcers on the skin an ointment is prepared. Mix the powder from the leaves of the mallinizer with cow butter and petroleum jelly in a ratio of 5: 6: 5. The resulting agent is applied to the affected areas. To wash out festering wounds it is possible and very dense broth of a mildewater. It can also be used for lotions from scabies and ulcers. In this case, the mulberry is better mixed equally with the coil. And it should be borne in mind that the root of this plant is more active than grass, so its proportions for the preparation of ointments are different. Five parts of cow's oil are added to one part of the powder.

medicinal properties photo

Meadowsweet. Healing properties with diseases of the genitourinary system

Plant flowers (2 tsp.) pour boiling water (1/5 L) and insist under the lid for four hours. Then the drug is filtered and used: drink before eating, on a third of the glass with inflammation of the kidneys, bladder.

Meadowsweet. Healing properties with joint diseases

In homeopathy on the basis of this plantproduce drugs used for rheumatism and gout. They can be both external and internal. Since the root of the mendicant contains essential methyl-salicylic oil, it can replace methyl salicylate, which the pharmaceutical industry produces in the form of gels, liniments, ointments. Use it when stretching the muscles and their other lesions, with joint diseases. In the Caucasus, an alcoholic tincture of the roots of this plant has long been used for rheumatism.

affectionate application
Meadowsweet. Healing properties with diseases of the stomach

Decoction from it successfully calms severe painswith inflammation. For its preparation, measure 1 tsp. blossoms mazebah mixed with grass, poured with cooled boiled water (1/5 liters) and insisted eight hours. After straining, before eating, drink 1/3 of a stack. facilities. Sometimes for this purpose, St. John's wort and nettle are added to it in equal quantities.

Other cases of application mibaznik

Not the grass, but the fresh root of the plant (soas it is a more active means), pound or rub and apply a snake or a rabid animal to the place of bite. Nodules mumps in folk medicine used in leukemia. In official medicine, its root is a component of those charges that are used as a symptomatic agent in oncology. Decoction of the roots helps stop bleeding, with the help of it treats women's diseases and leucorrhoea. It is also known antihelminthic action mlebasnik. With persistent diarrhea put enemas from the thick decoction of this plant.