Antiparasitic preparation "Pirantel", reviews and applications


Many people think that problems with worms canTo appear only in a tender childhood, and strongly mistaken. Due to the fact that children are restless, often in contact with various animals, and to check how they wash their hands, it is not always possible, they really have this problem more often. However, an adult may well encounter parasites, even if he tries to observe hygiene.

Currently in the pharmaceutical marketthere is a wide variety of anthelmintic agents with different modes of action, but Pirantel is very popular among them, reviews about which are mostly positive, and it is known to all for a long time.

This drug is produced in tablets orsuspensions (the latter is preferable for young children, since they can not always tablets or want to be swallowed). At the same time, it is effective for controlling various types of intestinal parasites in both early and mature stages of development. It must be said that "Pirantel" reviews are, in most cases, good, and recommendations for its use are given by pediatricians, kindergarten teachers, and many other adults who often face such a problem.

If the lesion occurs by one type of worm, thena single use of the drug is sufficient. Otherwise, the treatment is conducted for several days. Depending on the form of the drug, the dosage differs. Thus, the number of tablets is taken at the rate of 10 mg per kilogram of weight. Perhaps more intensive treatment (most often for adults) when the drug is taken, calculating 20 mg per kilogram of body weight. In this case, the timing of admission is reduced.

Effective "Pirantel suspension", reviews about whichare presented in large quantities, when used in children and adults. The age of the patient is important in the dosage. So, children up to six months of the drug is not recommended. Up to two years it is necessary to take half a measuring spoon (2.5 ml), up to six years - 5 ml, up to 12 years - 10 ml or 500 mg. If the patient was 12 years old and body weight less than 75 kg, it is recommended to take three spoons of 5 ml. In case, when the mass is more than 75 kg, 20 mg (4 measuring spoons) will be needed.

If you look at the problem of applying thismedicinal preparation at an angle "pyrantel-instructions-reviews", then one can consistently trace its effectiveness, as well as advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, people who use the medicine notice nausea, diarrhea, headache with its frequent use.

It should be noted that the laxative useafter "Pirantel" is not necessary, the dead parasites will come naturally. Also, when treating, do not abuse alcohol. The tablet is thoroughly chewed, the suspension is washed down with a small amount of liquid, preferably non-carbonated mineral water.

Contraindications for use arepregnancy, as well as breastfeeding. Allergic reactions or side effects are rare, in this regard, "Pirantel" reviews have more about its effective use in the fight against parasites, regardless of the age of the patient.

Practically all this medicine is absorbed by the digestive tract, only a small percentage passes through the liver.

Thus, the effectiveness of the drug"Pirantel" reviews only confirm it. In most cases, it is enough to use it once, and a convenient form of release (suspension or tablets) will allow you to choose the method of reception that is most convenient, because everyone knows that it is not so easy sometimes to persuade a small child to take a pill, to an adult, on the contrary, this one option is more acceptable. The low price of this drug makes it affordable for almost everyone.