Allergic pharyngitis: the causes, symptoms and characteristics of treatment


In the cold season, adults and children oftensuffer from some form of cold, including pharyngitis. It is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. Allergic pharyngitis is the most common. In this case, the mucosa appears under the influence of the stimulus. An important point is to find the activator of the disease in time and take measures to eliminate it. Otherwise, unpleasant consequences can not be avoided. Pharyngitis in an allergic form appears as a result of adverse effects on the body of various external and internal factors. People who are prone to manifest allergic reactions, can get this disease with a high probability.

Distinctive properties of the disease

At present, the problem of ecology in the world ismost acute. Especially air in this sense suffers, or rather its quality. This contributes to the development of ailments of the upper respiratory tract. There is a huge amount of allergens that affect the mucosa and the larynx. This reaction leads to allergic pharyngitis or rhinitis.

allergic pharyngitis

It should be noted that there are certain categoriespeople who most often suffer from this disease. These include smokers, young children, employees working in hazardous industries. If the inflammation of the mucosa occurs in an allergic form, the symptoms will be slightly different from those of normal pharyngitis. That is, if it causes pain in the throat, redness and swelling of the mucous membrane, then in the case of development of this form of manifestation a little different. Symptoms of allergic pharyngitis in adults and children include a rash, itching, swelling, redness of the eyes, etc.

It must be said that the peculiarity of the pathology consists ofin that it appears as a result of ingress of an allergen into the body. Determining the importance is the amount of substance, as well as the period of time during which the reaction occurred.

Causes of the disease

Allergic pharyngitis, as already noted,appears as a result of ingress of foreign particles into the body. It must be remembered that each person is individual and can react differently to the same stimuli. In some, pathology arises from the use of certain foods in food, others have contact with activators with the skin, and so on.

allergic rhinitis pharyngitis

Allergic pharyngitis in adults and children appears as a result of exposure to stimuli. The main types of activators are:

  • street dust, household gases, smoke from tobacco;
  • varnish-and-paint products and cosmetics, pollen of plants;
  • medicines, some food products like nuts, honey, eggs, fish, etc.

Sometimes this pathology arises from the effects of bacteria and fungi. Here they are irritants and allergens, respectively.

There are also several factors that are provocative. They include weak immunity, genetic predisposition, metabolic problems, recurrence of ARVI, etc.

Symptoms of allergic pharyngitis in children and adults

This disease has characteristic features,which are difficult to confuse with others. They are quite bright regardless of the sex and age of the patient. This illness in children has distinctive features and is expressed even more strongly. However, if we talk about the symptoms of allergic pharyngitis in general, most of them are similar.

Immediately, the signs of pathology are inseparably linked with the swelling and inflammation of the mucous throat. These include:

  • the sensation of a foreign body arises in the throat, there is itching and irritation, and suddenly;
  • a strong cough, usually manifested in dry form;
  • when eating and during swallowing, the pain in the throat is worse;
  • elevated body temperature, usually around 37 degrees;
  • children suffer from pain and noise in the ears with this pathology.

It is worth noting that the disease spreads lightning fast, so the signs are so clearly expressed. At the first opportunity, you should immediately consult a doctor and solve this problem.

Pharyngitis in pregnant women

As is known, any disease duringpregnancy is a danger not only for the mother, but also for the child. Allergic pharyngitis is an already serious problem, and if it occurred in the first trimester, pregnancy can be interrupted. In case of later appearance, premature births are possible.

Treatment of allergic pharyngitis in adults andchildren are carried out in different ways. As for pregnant women, they need to pay special attention. A large number of drugs are not allowed to be used during this period, so doctors prescribe light drugs in the form of inhalations, rinses, etc. To completely get rid of the pathology, you need to determine the cause and fight with it.


Symptoms and treatment of allergic pharyngitisare interconnected. This means that depending on the signs of the disease the doctor prescribes a course of therapy. It is worth noting that the symptoms are bright and in sufficient quantity. However, despite this, it is rather difficult to diagnose pathology by yourself. It is better to leave work to a specialist.

allergic pharyngitis symptoms in children

Most often in such situations, people think thatthey had a sore throat and allergy was manifested. Many people do not see this as an integral problem, and therefore do not take seriously. In fact, do not take risks, it is better to make an appointment with a doctor.

An expert diagnoses the exact diagnosis after collecting allnecessary information, a survey and an inspection. If necessary, the doctor will send the patient to some procedures. Then the final diagnosis is made, and the course of treatment begins.

Therapy with drugs

Treatment of allergic pharyngitis can becarry out with the help of medicines and folk techniques. To start therapy is best right after finding the first symptoms. If you start treatment in time, you can avoid unpleasant consequences.

symptoms of allergic pharyngitis in adults

Most often appointed:

  • antihistamines such as "Zirtek", "Cetrina", etc.;
  • should be excluded from the diet for the duration of the course of smoking therapy, chocolate and fruit;
  • if the cause of the pathology was food, the doctors recommend taking Smecta, Enterosgel, etc.;
  • in some cases, the patient needs to take antibiotics.

In addition to all of the above, paraffin therapy and mud therapy copes well with pharyngitis.

Folk remedies

To eliminate the symptoms of allergic pharyngitis in children and adults, sometimes use folk therapy. It can be used concomitantly with the treatment of medications.

The most effective folk remedies are:

  • Soda inhalation. You should stir a spoonful of soda in a glass of water and breathe several times a day, this will help to remove dryness in the throat.
  • Rinsing.Excellent in this sense have proven the decoctions of herbs and potato juice. To prepare the broth, you need to take a tablespoon of sage or chamomile and pour hot water. Rinse need often, more than 5 times a day.
  • Good for treating allergic pharyngitis cones pine and hops. It is necessary to pour boiling water two tablespoons of fruit and wait about an hour. It is used as an inhalation.

Treatment of pregnant women and children

As already noted, these categories of peopleare the most susceptible to various pathologies. At the same time it is pregnant women who need to monitor their health as closely as possible. Symptoms and treatment of allergic pharyngitis in children can be varied. Before self-medication, you need to consult a specialist.

allergic pharyngitis in children

Pregnant women and children should not be takena large number of drugs, so they use analogues during treatment. Before use, carefully read the instructions to avoid unpleasant situations. The fact is that some medications are contraindicated for children and pregnant women, while others are quite appropriate. It is best to act according to the doctor's instructions. Then treatment will be faster and more effective.

Possible complications

It is worth noting that timely treatment is a pledgesuccess. If everything is done correctly, and most importantly, on time, a full recovery will not take long. Unfortunately, many people simply do not pay attention to the manifestation of the first symptoms due to their employment. Then because of this, certain problems may arise. For example, allergic pharyngitis in children can develop into a chronic form.

treatment of allergic pharyngitis in adults

It is characterized by the formation of edema mucosa.In children, this pathology manifests itself particularly seriously, can lead to suffocation. However, if you start therapy immediately when the first signs appear, then there is a high probability of complete recovery. If the treatment of pathology is carried out for a long time, then the immunity becomes weaker and the disease turns into a catarrhal form. To do this, you need a bacterial infection that lives in the larynx.


A universal medicine that will helpsupport the body's defense against allergies, does not exist. Therefore, as a preventive measure, you need to apply certain measures. All actions should be aimed at combating the harmful factors that are irritants of the disease.

Some tips for proper prevention:

  • Monitor the level of immunity. It should be constantly strengthened, for this you need to be tempered, eat right and watch your health.
  • Do not run any pathologies, especially those associated with the respiratory tract. There was a disease - you just need to heal, do not allow a chronic form.
  • Breathing is recommended only with the nose, not with the mouth. Then the purified air enters the body.
  • Refuse from bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Completely limit the interaction with allergens.
  • When you are ill with a cold or SARS, always wear a protective mask.
  • Keep the premises clean, regularly wet-clean and ventilate.


Allergic pharyngitis is aa disease associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. As we found out, it occurs quite often, equally in adults and children. Problems with the throat are not jokes, all the more caused by an allergic reaction. Many people, when they have the first symptoms, do not connect them with each other and do nothing. In this case, complications are possible, which will entail serious consequences.

allergic pharyngitis in adults

Allergic pharyngitis will acquire chronic orcatarrhal form, and then treatment will become more difficult several times. The specialist will have to perform a miracle, so that the patient will forever get rid of this ailment. Therefore at the first signs it is necessary to address at once to the doctor. After a thorough examination, an accurate diagnosis will be made, and then a course of treatment will be prescribed. If the patient wants to fully recover, one must obey the doctor, it is necessary to act according to his instructions.

It should be remembered that health - the main thing in life, and all the forces you need to protect it. If at least once a year to undergo a comprehensive medical examination, adverse events will be less.