Treatment with fly agarics: miraculous properties of a poisonous mushroom


Amanita is, perhaps, the most attractive andbeautiful mushroom. But the bright color is not indicative of the tremendous taste, but of the presence of a large concentration of poisonous components, such as muscimol, muscarin, muscaridine, zheotenic acid. However, in small doses, these substances can be used for medicinal purposes.

It is noteworthy that the fly agarics are not onlytraditional red mushrooms with whitish dots, but also white and pale toadstool (deadly poisonous), imperial mushroom, lone amanita (edible) and many more.

The most pronounced therapeutic propertieshas the fly agaric red. For this species is characterized by the presence of a hat with a diameter of up to 20 centimeters. It should be noted that the young mushroom cap is spherical, and as it grows, it acquires a specific flat-convex shape. Amanita muscaria is often strewn with white or yellowish-red specks (warts). Its flesh, tasteless and practically odorless, has a white color. The stem is cylindrical with a hanging ring.

Amanita muscaria, growing on the territoryEurope and Asia, contains toxic substances. The use of it in food provokes the excitation of the nervous system, the manifestation of increased activity and the occurrence of hallucinations. Overdose can lead to poisoning, falling into a coma or even fatal.

It is known that the therapeutic and psychedelic propertiesThis fungus has been used by people since ancient times. So, tincture from it was used to combat flies and other insects (probably, hence the name), many shamans ate a piece of mushroom before entering the ritual to enter a special state. But the most popular was the treatment with fly agarics, widely used in folk medicine and now.

When this fungus is used in therapeuticit is very important to observe the dosage, and since it is individual for everyone, it is better to use tinctures and ointments only externally. It is not recommended to give any drugs on the basis of toxic substances to children. When preparing medicinal mixtures from mushrooms, do not use metal dishes.

Therapeutic properties of fly agaric

This fungus is excellentanaesthetising and wound healing properties. Therefore, it is used in such common diseases as radiculitis, muscle pain, rheumatism, external tumors, various purulent diseases or mechanical damage to the skin, including eczema and dermatitis.

Also, the treatment with fly-agarics is used fordiseases and consequences of damage to the spinal cord (paralysis, paresis), oncology, diabetes, impotence, eye disease (decreased vision, itching, clouding of the lens, burning), with severe menopause or painful menstruation.

Preparation of ointments

This method of making medicinalpreparations from the muscaria of red is the fastest. To prepare the mixture you need dried mushrooms and Vaseline (you can use vegetable oil or sour cream), the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. Treatment with fly agarics in the form of ointment is used for pain in muscles or joints, while the drug is applied as a regular ointment. You can also use the paste as a compress: apply the mass to a specific area of ​​the body, cover with a film and leave for several hours (no more than 10).

Tincture of fly agarics

For the preparation of tinctures you will need hatsfresh mushrooms, which must be crushed and put in a cool place for a couple of days. After that, fly agaric should be filled with alcohol or vodka so that the liquid completely covers them. Two weeks later the tincture will be ready. This drug can be stored for about 3 years without losing its therapeutic properties. Treatment with fly agarics in the form of tinctures is used to treat wounds and ulcers, to relieve swelling and inflammation.