Pharmaceutical camomile. The application will save many problems


Among the huge variety of medicines,position occupy medicinal herbs. Camomile is one of the most famous and widely used means, and its properties are well studied. It is a herbaceous annual, which is often used in folk medicine. In dry floral baskets contain substances such as apiin, apigenin, vitamins, bitter, essential oil, phytosterols, tannins, etc.

What is a chamomile? The use of this plant in the countries of the European continent is extremely large. Traditional medicine of these countries uses its baskets as medicinal raw materials. On their basis, decoctions and tinctures are made. Camomile essential oil is also used.

What are the properties of chamomile? The use of infusions and decoctions made from it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. Chamomile has an analgesic effect, choleretic and diaphoretic, relieves convulsive spasms.

Many people know such a wonderful drink as teafrom chamomile. He is able to help with colds, gastrointestinal diseases. It is taken with insomnia, increased excitability, convulsions. This tea is best known to the parents of small children. It is rare in what family it is not used in the first year of a child's life, especially at typical for this age colic. To small children he will help also with a painful eruption of the first teeth.

Tortured with toothache or painful menstruation? Tea made from chamomile is what you need! You can enjoy its pleasant taste and eliminate the pain by preparing an amazing tea at home. It will be enough to have 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers and a glass of boiling water. Insist 30 minutes, and a warm drink will have a beneficial effect on your body. You can add a spoonful of honey.

When introduced into the daily diet of such a combinationa healthy complexion is assured! In the tea, you can add other herbs. Chamomile in combination with them does not lose its useful properties. But it should be remembered that, despite the natural origin, the herbs can not be taken uncontrollably. In any case, they are a medicine, albeit natural.

An excellent remedy for the headache is also a camomile. Applying 1 glass of infusion per day will eliminate pains of a spastic nature and normalize sleep.

It is useful to take infusion of chamomile and duringpainful menstruation. Drawing pains in the lumbar region, characteristic for critical days, will significantly decrease. To lower blood sugar, too, chamomile is used. The use of decoction from this plant can significantly improve the state of diabetes. For this it is necessary to take the broth twice a day for 1 glass.

Chamomile is also widely used in cosmeticpurposes. It is based on the production of numerous creams, balms and shampoos for hair, milk for body care. Chamomile is hypoallergenic, therefore it is used for the manufacture of cosmetics for newborns. Also known is the photo-protective effect, due to which it is a part of sunscreen.

Decoction or chamomile extract soothes, moisturizesand softens the skin. It is able to heal wounds and restore the integrity of the skin. After its use, the skin acquires a unique velvety and softness.

Chamomile is a part of many dental powdersand pastes, as it has an anti-inflammatory and bleaching effect. Hair rinsers, which contain this medicinal plant, give a fair golden or straw color to the fair hair. With the help of chamomile, you can color even the hair in a yellowish color.

Even winemakers use the essential oil of this remarkable medicinal plant in the production of certain varieties of wines, tinctures and liqueurs for flavoring.

Enjoy the magic properties of chamomile, its healing power is great. Use in your arsenal of products containing her extract, and be healthy.