Proven methods of treating bronchitis in children


Bronchitis is quite common in children. Why is the children's organism prone to this exhausting disease? The fact is that at a tender age the respiratory system is still imperfect, so any infection freely enters the body. And if one of the members of the family smokes, then on the child it is reflected directly - permanent bronchitis is the result of the addictive habit of parents. For the treatment of bronchitis in children, there are many folk remedies and medicines that are very helpful.

treatment of bronchitis in children

Manifestation of a disease

Cough is the main sign of the disease onbackground of the common cold. If it is strong and dry, you can suspect an acute course of the disease at an early stage. Over time, it becomes softer, and the child can already cough. Breathing with whistling is typical for obstructive bronchitis. The whistle arises from the fact that the air passes through the bronchi narrowed from the infection more heavily. There is shortness of breath, fever, weakness. Timely initiation of treatment of bronchitis in children will prevent his transition to a chronic stage. Therefore, do not ignore the prescribed medication. In such cases, the most commonly prescribed drugs are Mukopron, Fervex, Lazolvan.

Causes of the disease and what it takes to treat bronchitis in children

Cough attacks cause infection, toxins orallergens, which found themselves in the respiratory tract. First of all, show the child to the pediatrician. He will identify the type of illness and advise suitable drugs that are aimed at destroying the infection, removing the edema of the bronchi, softening and coughing up the cough.

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Advices of Dr. EO Komarovsky

When there is a strong cough without a cold in anycase you can suspect bronchitis. Treatment in children Komarovsky advises to conduct without the use of antibiotics. If the baby does not have a fever, the doctor recommends parents learn a light massage that will ease the attacks of the disease. To do this, put the baby on his lap so that the priest is raised, and tap on the back with his fingertips. Treatment of bronchitis in children with antibiotics is performed by a doctor in the case when the cough took a chronic form (that is, practically does not pass). Applied entire groups of drugs - drugs "Penicillin", "Amoxicillin", "Ampicillin", which have a pronounced bactericidal effect. If they are poorly tolerated, medications "Azithromycin", "Erythromycin" or "Roxithromycin" are prescribed. At appointment the age of the patient and the reason of disease is strictly considered.

Traditional methods

You can take drugs that relieve spasms. The doctor will also prescribe anti-edematous medicines. If there is no high temperature, it is allowed to soar the legs. At a temperature of 38 degrees and above, bed rest is shown, more drinking (tea, rose hips, warm milk).

treatment of bronchitis in children with antibiotics

Folk methods

For the treatment of bronchitis in children,recommend mustard plasters, which put on both sides of the chest and sometimes on the back. If the child has already cleared his throat, put a warming compress on his chest or put the baby in a bath with a decoction of herbs - St. John's wort, chamomile, sage and mint (impossible at high temperature). This way you will warm the whole body and inhale, which will ease the symptoms. Inside for expectoration and softening of the spasm it is useful to use decoctions of sage or root of the althaea, as well as breastfeeding. If your baby is still very small and he has a cough, shortness of breath, temperature, then immediately call an "ambulance." In infancy, bronchitis can be dangerous.