The answer to the question: "How much alcohol goes out of the body?"


How much alcohol goes out of the body? Most often, the answer to this question is for car enthusiasts. The reason for this curiosity lies in the rather rigid laws that regulate the amount of per mille at the man behind the wheel.

how much alcohol goes out of the body
Not going into the details of the rules of the roadmovement, it can be noted that the permissible levels of ethanol in the blood in European countries, on the territory of Russia and the CIS are different. But the unanimity in this issue of legislators in different parts of the world is obvious: the driver in alcoholic intoxication is a threat to all road users.

Factors affecting the rate of excretion of ethanol

In order to set an approximate timepurification of the body of alcohol, you need to clarify what affects its amount in the blood. Promille depends not only on the strength of the drink and its quantity, but also on factors such as gender, age, health and, most importantly, the weight of a person.

We all know that the body contains a largethe amount of liquid is from 50 to 65% of the total mass. Accordingly, the more weight you have, the more significant the percentage of water in the body. Other things being equal, namely the same amount of ethyl alcohol in one unit of time, the concentration of alcohol in the blood will be higher in women and in people with a lower body weight.

alcohol in the body

How can I calculate how much alcohol goes out of the body?

Purification of blood from ethyl alcohol occurs inliver. It is with the help of this body that most of the toxins and poisons are removed from the body. The liver oxidizes alcohol in the body, and then its decay products are removed through the excretory system. About 10% of ethanol is excreted by the lungs, kidneys and with sweat.

analysis for alcohol

So, let's try to determine how much alcohol goes out of the body. The table presents an approximate withdrawal time of 100 grams of ethanol-containing substances for people with a body weight of 60 to 100 kg.

drink 100 g / mass
vodka 40 °6 hours5 hours4,5 hours4 hours3,5 hours
beer1 h45 min40 min35 min0.5 h
wine2.5 h2 hours 15 minutes2 hours1 hr 45 min1.5 hrs

Naturally, an accurate analysis of alcohol inblood can only be carried out by a doctor on specialized equipment. The level of ethanol in conventional units - ppm - can be established using an alkotester. It is possible to independently determine how much alcohol is released from the body, approximately, without taking into account the physiological characteristics of a particular person. For example, it is known that the female body is released 20% slower from ethyl alcohol than the male.

Is it possible to shorten the time of alcohol withdrawal from the blood?

It is proved that the rate of ethanol splitting inliver affect is difficult enough. But you can take some measures before consuming the drink. Partial absorption of alcohol in the intestines, and, correspondingly, a reduction in the time of its removal from the body, facilitates the reception of activated carbon. One tablet per 10 kg of body weight will help speed up the "sobering" and return the level of alcohol to normal - no more than 0.15 ppm. Remember, there is no "magic" drug for intoxication, since alcohol is essentially poison, and it will take some time to purify the blood from its toxins, liver and other organs.