It reduces the jaw: the causes, methods and characteristics of treatment


The appearance of such a symptom, as pain injaw, can talk about the presence of many diseases in the body. It can not be an independent disease, pain is a physical manifestation, which is confirmed by the fact that some pathology develops in the body. If you feel any unpleasant sensations, a pain in the jaw, as soon as possible, contact a doctor who can identify the cause. Shrinks the jaw? The reasons for determining yourself are unlikely to be successful. This condition often goes without complications, but there are cases when this symptom indicates serious problems.

reduces the jaw of the cause

The nature of pain and its nature

If there are any problems with the teeth oracute toothache is felt, then an unpleasant sensation may occur, as if the jaw is driving. Caries in a neglected form leads to the fact that the molar pulp is inflamed, and there are a lot of nerve endings in it. It is possible that the inflammation passes to the bone tissue of the jaw, leads to the formation of abscesses and abscesses. Sharp and sharp pain makes itself felt in the jawbone and just below it. Strong painful feelings are accompanied by a headache, all this leads to a general deterioration of health, a rise in temperature. If you notice similar symptoms, call the dentist urgently: a suspicion of osteomyelitis of the jaw arises.

After the removal of the tooth can also be a pain,the nature of it aching, gives into the ear, especially often it is felt after removal of the molar. In the jaw area, pain occurs also with periodontitis, pulpitis. For acute periodontitis is characterized by a sharp throbbing pain, giving in the opposite jaw, radiating into the ear.

reduces the lower jaw of the cause

List of causes of pain

Why does it reduce the muscles of the jaw? Causes of pain can be different, here are the most basic:

  • If as a result of a strong impact a jaw joint breaks, defects of bone tissue appear.
  • The presence of osteomyelitis of bone tissue. It can arise from the multiplication in the cranial tissues of various pathogenic microbes: anaerobes, staphylococci and others.
  • Unpleasant symptoms appear with osteogenic sarcoma. Nerve endings are involved in the pathological process, squeezing them leads to unpleasant sensations.
  • When sinusitis occurs a chronic inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.
  • Pain in inflammatory processes in the gum: periodontitis, gingivitis.
  • Pain in the fracture of the crown of molars or the root of the tooth.
  • When wearing removable dentures, incorrect bite.
  • If it reduces the upper jaw, the reasons can be covered in wearing braces. The pain says that there is a correction of the jaw joints. Over time, it should fade.
  • Pain in trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal or laryngeal neuralgia.
  • With inflammatory processes in the facial or carotid artery.
  • With arthrosis - degenerative lesions of the joint tissue.
  • With arthritis - inflammatory processes in the joint bag.
  • Pain in dysfunction of the facial joint. It is accompanied by clicks when opening the mouth, yawning, chewing.
  • Pain with purulent lesions of the gums: abscesses, boils, phlegmon.

why does the jaw cause

Why the jaw causes: the causes

Spasm, which reduces the oral cavity, can besingle case, and can manifest with a certain periodicity. The reasons for this can be many, the main and most common are the following:

  • Gnashing in a dream with teeth, otherwise bruxism.
  • The jaw brings down from persistent nerves.
  • Reduces from frequent overvoltage.
  • The reason is dental diseases.
  • Diseases of the cervical spine.
  • Residual phenomena after yawning.

Reduces only from below

It happens that it reduces the lower jaw, the causesthis is a damaged trigeminal nerve. In this situation, the symptom is paroxysmal pain, which captures not only the teeth, but also half of the face. Similar sensations roll in waves, can last from 15 to 20 minutes, then gradually subside. Such characteristics of pain can also be manifested with oncology of the muscles of the jaw and head, as well as in case of cancer of the nasopharynx, oral cavity. If you notice similar pain symptoms in yourself, you should immediately consult a doctor to find out the cause of the pain and exclude oncology.

reduces the upper jaw of the cause

Bruxism. Arthritis

Often reduces the teeth of the lower jaw? The causes can be covered in bruxism or arthritis. The symptoms of bruxism often appear in the morning after waking up. Can be observed as jaw and headache. Bruxism - gnashing of teeth and strong compression of jaws. The consequences of the disease - loss of stability and loosening of teeth, abrasion of the crowns. This pathology can lead to dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

The owners of this disease usually do not suspectits presence, until someone tells them that they grind their teeth in a dream or at a dentist's reception they do not find any problems. Arthritis is usually observed in patients older than 60 years. Can reduce both the upper and lower jaw. This is due to deformation of the jaw joint, it no longer performs correctly its functions, this causes painful sensations. Most often they appear during chewing or when talking. At rest, the pain recedes. Arthritis pains occur in any joints of the body.

reduces the muscles of the jaw causes

Shrinks the jaw in a dream

If in a dream reduces the jaw, causes, most likely, they are reduced to the transferred daya neurosis. In this case, it is necessary to take a drug that relieves a nervous condition, for example, "Persen". It is important that in its composition the drug contains antispasmodics. Before you start the course of treatment, it is best to consult a neurologist. He will analyze the situation and give the necessary recommendations and appointments.

When yawning

If the jaw causes a jaw, causes can be covered in the transferred injuries. The trauma itself does not give painful sensations, but with yawning pain appears. Puffiness may appear in the face. If the jaw reduces due to injury, then you can use cooling compresses. It is necessary to limit the supply of soft food, chew food, without straining the jaw joint.

Why does the jaw sometimes cause yawning? For a while (yawning) muscle tone weakens. If the residual tension in the jaw remains before the yawn, then at its end there is hypertonic muscle, this leads to the fact that the jaw reduces.

reduces the teeth of the lower jaw causes

What to do?

If the jaw reduces, the causes can be different. The most basic we have considered. Patients are concerned about what to do in such cases? If the jaw contracted on one side, there was a swelling, while the body temperature increased, the first thing to do is to seek help in surgery. Such a condition can arise as a result of purulent inflammation in the region of the jaw joint. Especially if the temperature rises to 40 degrees and apart from the information you feel a strong pain.

If there is swelling, then it can be aboutpurulent inflammation (poliomyelitis). These symptoms can manifest themselves as a consequence of angina, and in parotonsilyar abscess. You should immediately contact a surgeon and begin treatment.

In the following case, the lower jawleft or right: you will feel irradiation in some orbit, here we are talking about the inflammatory process of the facial artery. Be sure to go to the surgeon. Chronic pain in the jaw can be a consequence of the presence of a tumor. With the progression of the disease, the pain increases every time, has a noisy character. If you notice that the pain occurs often, has a pulsating character, urgently go to the surgeon. In time, the treatment will help to maintain health and stop the growth of a possible tumor.