The drug "Trichopol" (candles): instructions for use, contraindications, composition, analogues and reviews


Women's health needs a particularly carefulcare and care. Especially at a time when the body is infected with an infection that provokes the emergence of a variety of gynecological diseases. The medicinal product used for treatment should not only be effective against all microorganisms that, presumably, could cause the disease, but also be careful with the fragile microflora of the female reproductive system. Picking a quality product is not always easy. Experts recommend in this regard the drug "Trichopol" (candles). Instructions for use, reviews indicate its exceptional effectiveness. What is unique about this drug? This will be discussed in the article.

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"Trichopol": release forms

This drug is available in two basic forms. The first of them are tablets for oral use of 20 pieces per package.

Another version of the form of release are vaginal tablets (500 mg) 10 pieces per pack (they are also called "Trichopol" suppositories). Instructions for using the drug are discussed below.

The composition of

The main active agent is metronidazole. Auxiliary substances vary depending on the specific form of release.

Tablets "Trichopol" for oral administrationare yellowish round pills, biconvex, with a distinctive dividing strip in the center. Under the influence of bright light, they acquire a pronounced yellow hue. In addition to 250 mg of the main active ingredient (metronidazole), one tablet contains 40 mg of potato starch, 7 mg of starch treacle and 3 mg of gelatin. In each package there are 2 blisters of 10 tablets in each.

Has a preparation "Trichopol" of the form of release,significantly different from the first two. For example, a solution for intravenous administration. This form of the drug is a clear yellowish solution, which has no significant odor. In addition to metronidazole as the main active substance, each milliliter of this solution contains citric acid, distilled water, sodium chloride and sodium hydrophosphate. Produced in ampoules of 20 ml each, packed in cardboard packs of 10 pieces. And also in a 100 ml vial. In this case, only one bottle is in each package.

Candles "Trichopol" instructions for use inGynecology describes how white oblong vaginal tablets with rounded ends. Each capsule contains 500 mg of metronidazole (the main substance), as well as rice starch, starch syrup, magnesium stearate and gelatin. In the package one blister, in which there are 10 tablets.

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pharmachologic effect

The drug "Trichopol" (candles) instruction onapplication calls active active means, destroying protozoa, and as aerobes, and anaerobes. The main active substance of the drug (metronidazole) effectively destroys the DNA of harmful microorganisms.

The agent "Trichopol" (suppositories) instructions for use calls exclusively effective against amoebas, bacteroides, clostridia, lamblia, fusobacteria, trichomonads and balantidium.

The highest concentration in the patient's bodythe drug reaches a later time, which is from one and a half to three hours after the moment of direct administration of the drug. The exact time to reach the maximum concentration depends in absolute measure on the dose of the agent taken. It can significantly increase if the drug was administered concomitantly with food intake. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the drug. The main active substance is able to overcome both the blood-brain barrier and the placental barrier, which helps it to distribute in the patient's body most evenly. In this case, the drug enters all body systems: liver and brain tissue, bile and saliva, seminal and cerebrospinal fluid, and also into the vaginal secret. Basically, the assimilation of the drug "Trichopol" occurs directly in the liver, where the antibacterial and antiprotozoal properties of the drug are also activated. As a rule, the half-life of the constituent components does not exceed eight hours. Only in exceptional cases (for example, in the presence of hepatic pathologies) the half-life of the drug may increase in some way.

Components of the drug in a largerdegree (about 80%) are excreted by the kidneys. In the process of digestion, the body produces a number of dyes that can change the color of urine to a darker shade or red.

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Indications for use

For the drug "Trichopol" (candles), readings tothere are the following: trichomoniasis of any degree (including chronic forms), infections caused by anaerobic organisms (usually skin and bone infections, sepsis, abscess of the lung, brain, liver and ovaries, pneumonia and endometritis), giardiasis and amoebiasis, prevention of any postoperative complications after appendectomy and gynecological operations, and treatment of a peptic ulcer of an infectious nature.

About suppositories "Trichopol" instructions for use ingynecology claims that they are appointed in the case of treatment of trichomoniasis, as well as nonspecific vaginitis. Another case is the prevention of the occurrence of anaerobic infections, which can occur in the case of surgical interventions in the abdominal organs.

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Mode of application

When carrying out the prevention of various kinds of anaerobic infections, it is recommended to take the drug according to the following scheme: once, one gram and then a quarter of a gram three times a day.

To treat such infections should take from a quarter to half a gram of the drug three times a day.

It is recommended not to take the drug "Trichopol"longer than a week with food or immediately after it. This drug can be prescribed either as a single type of treatment or as part of a targeted complex therapy.

In order to effectively cope with thetrichomoniasis, simultaneous treatment of both partners is necessary. Women should take one pill twice a day and use one vaginal tablet once a day. Treatment should be continued for ten days.

Men should take one pill twiceper day for ten days. Sometimes doctors decide to change the treatment schedule and appoint three tablets in the first dose and five tablets in a second dose for two days or eight tablets of the drug at a time.

When treating bacterial vaginitis should be taken on half a gram twice a day. Treatment should be conducted within a week.

When amoebiasis is administered, the drugshould be taken half a gram three times a day. The period of treatment should be seven days. If it is a question of therapy of the child, whose weight exceeds twenty kilograms, it is necessary to calculate the necessary dose of the drug individually. A single dose should be exactly ten milligrams per kilogram of the body.

Patients who suffer from kidney diseaseInsufficiency, as a rule, can take the drug in standard doses, which need not be further adjusted. However, after passing the procedure of hemodialysis, the course of admission should be repeated in the same volume.

Older patients should be treatedconstant monitoring of the attending physician when taking the average daily dose of the drug. This group is not recommended to take the drug in large doses.

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"Trichopol" (candles). Instructions for use: contraindications

There are several conditions under whichApply the drug is not recommended or even dangerous for the patient's health. Candles "Trichopol" instructions for use do not recommend the use in the following cases: blood diseases of any origin, the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the entire breastfeeding period of the infant, disorders of the central nervous system (in particular epilepsy), liver failure of any degree, leukopenia, impaired coordination of movements, as well as individual sensitivity to metronidazole.

Candles "Trichopol" instructions for use recommend with caution in the case of kidney failure.

Side effects

There are a number of side effects thatcauses the drug "Trichopol" (candles). Instructions for use (a description of the drug) provides detailed information on such possible adverse reactions.

Thus, each of the body systems can react in a special way to the main active substance of the agent or its auxiliary components.

For example, from the side of the blood there are such negative reactions as neutropenia and pancytopenia, agranulocytosis and thrombocytopenia, and leukopenia.

The central nervous system can respond totaking the drug with the appearance of various kinds of mental disorders such as depression and confusion, as well as excessive drowsiness, severe headache and dizziness, excessive sensitivity to daylight, increased body temperature, the occurrence of visual or auditory hallucinations.

Sometimes as a result of taking the drug, there are visual impairments (a decrease in its sharpness, improper perception of the color scale, optical neuritis, myopia).

Sometimes arthralgia or myalgia arises, as a reaction of connective tissue and musculoskeletal system.

The gastrointestinal tract can respond by the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, inflammation of the mucous membranes, taste disorders, development of pancreatitis and anorexia.

Sometimes patients suffer from cell damageliver and hepatitis, characterized by a mixed etiology (sometimes accompanied by jaundice), severe renal failure, requiring organ transplantation.

On the skin, there may be a rash and an obsessive itching, hives and hyperemia. Sometimes angioedema develops, pustular eruption, erythema multiforme and flushing with hyperemia, hyperthermia.

Urine during the administration of the drug often takes a red color.

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There are some nuances that are necessarybefore taking the drug. For example, it is extremely important to know that in no case should this drug be used during the first trimester of pregnancy (first twelve weeks). At this time, the use of the drug Trichopol (candles) for the treatment of infections can have a negative impact on the development of the baby in the womb. If nevertheless there is an acute need for therapy with this particular drug, this should be done solely by the decision of the attending physician and only under its strict supervision.

Also, in no case shall be exceededrecommended dose of the drug. This can lead to a number of unpleasant side effects, such as vomiting, neuropathy, leukopenia, ataxia. Overdose is especially dangerous because at the moment there is no specific antidote that could level the effect of exceeding the dose of the active substance of the drug. In case of adverse reactions due to overdose, treatment should be performed exclusively symptomatically.

To use in parallel with other drugs "Trichopolum" (suppositories) the instruction for use advises extremely cautiously, taking into account all the detected nuances. They will be considered further.

So, alcohol is completely incompatible withthe main active agent of the drug "Trichopol," so neither it nor any alcohol-containing drugs are not recommended during treatment. Otherwise, a disulfiram-like reaction may occur, which implies the possibility of vomiting, tachycardia and hyperemia.

Apply candles "Trichopol" abstract prohibitssimultaneously with the preparation "Disulfiram". This combination provokes the emergence of unpleasant mental reactions, such as confusion and delirium, which can lead to bad consequences when driving a car and when working with dangerous equipment.

Also apply simultaneously oralanticoagulants and suppositories "Trichopol" instructions for use in gynecology calls extremely risky. This is due to a sharp increase in the anticoagulant effect of drugs on the body, which leads to a huge risk of opening a different kind of bleeding. Simultaneous use is possible only under the guidance of the attending physician.

When receiving "Trichopolum" in a significant waythe total level of lithium in the blood rises, so when using this drug and the substance at the same time, the current concentration of the latter and, respectively, creatinine and electrolytes in the blood should be monitored.

Phenytoin dramatically reduces the level of metronidazole (the main active ingredient of "Trichopol") in the blood, which neutralizes the effect of the drug. Their simultaneous application is ineffective and meaningless.

Use together fluorouracil and "Trichopol"(candles) instructions for use call dangerous, because such conditions contribute to an increase in the toxicity of fluorouracil. A similar situation develops with the use of busulfan.

Store "Trichopol" (candles) instruction for use advises in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, the temperature in which should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

Drug analogues

There are a number of available drugs, consisting ofthe same pharmacological group (synthetic antibacterial agents) as Trichopol (candles). Analogues of this drug, which include it, are the following medicines: Zanitro, Grandazolum, Metrid, Delagil, Orzol, Metromizol, and Fluronor.

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Synonyms of "Trichopol"

Synonymous with the drug is calleda medicinal product having an identical set of basic active ingredients. For "Trichopol" candles, "Clomezol", "Ginalgin", "Mekozhinax", "Dentagel", "Efloran", "Metrid", "Rosamet" are synonymous.

Incredible efficacy of this drugmeans becomes a real salvation for those who want to cope with various kinds of gynecological infections. Before application, the features of the preparation "Trichopolum" (candles), instructions for use, contraindications must be studied. Those patients who can not take the drug "Trichopol" because of the individual characteristics of their body or because of obvious contraindications, can choose another effective drug that is on the list of its analogues (medicines of the same pharmacological group) or synonyms (medicines with identical a set of main operating components). All of them are in free sale.


Patients leave different reviews about thisdrug. More positive. People write about the fact that the drug is inexpensive and effective, helps to cope with various diseases, relieves inflammation. But there are also negative reviews. Those who accept it complain of side effects: nausea, a state of weakness, an increase in body temperature. Among the shortcomings noted bitter taste and the fact that the product is poorly soluble in water.

To pay due attention to one's own healthit is necessary constantly throughout life. Therefore, in case of any health problems, you should immediately contact the competent specialists and choose the most suitable treatment. After all, the effectiveness of the course depends on the quality of the selected drugs. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!