Oats: contraindications, medicinal and useful properties


Oats, medicinal properties, contraindications toapplication and benefits of which will be outlined in this article, is an annual herbaceous plant. His homeland is Mongolia. The height of this medicinal plant is up to 1 meter. Leaves are narrow; the stem is straight. Ripens in early autumn. In the wild form almost never occurs. Oats, contraindications to the use of which are listed in many books on folk medicine, are cultivated in Asia, North America, Europe, Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltics and Russia. In agriculture, it is used as fodder and cereal crops.

oats contraindications

Healing properties

Oats, useful properties and contraindications tothe use of which is known to all botanists, is used in medicine. And only whole grain, green ground parts and straw are used. Preparations from straw are used externally, and from the grain - exclusively inside. Also from this plant are prepared infusions and decoctions. Sowing oats contraindications to use is insignificant, but it has choleretic, antioxidant, diuretic, enveloping, softening, soothing, cleansing, restorative, tonic and antipyretic effects. This plant well strengthens immunity and restores energy after physical exertion or illness. Otters of oats are prescribed for inflammation of the intestine, viral hepatitis, enterocolitis, asthenia, gastritis and peptic ulcer. Preparations from oats have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relieve insomnia. Oats are also beneficial for skin diseases: pediatric diathesis, dermatitis, eczema. Groats and oat bran reduce the level of cholesterol, helping to get rid of atherosclerosis.

Oats medicinal properties contraindications

Oat products are useful fordiseases of the heart. Also, the plant is used for diseases of the genitourinary tract, pneumonia, colds, flu and bronchitis. Straw of oats is added to the bath in the so-called cold feet syndrome. It is also used for frostbite, skin diseases and rheumatism. In cosmetology from bran and oat flour are prepared masks, soft scrub and lotions, which rejuvenate, tighten and strengthen the withering skin. Oat soups and cereals, as well as decoctions of grain and jelly, cleanse the body of toxins. So do not forget to buy them for fasting days. And yet this herb plant perfectly cleanses the liver after prolonged use of medicines and alcohol.

Beneficial features

oats useful properties and contraindications

Oats, contraindications to the use of whichyou can learn from the article, it has wonderful properties due to its rich composition. It contains essential oils, fiber, amino acids (tryptophan, lysine, methionine, etc.), proteins, gum, chemical elements (nickel, zinc, iodine, chromium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, potassium, sulfur, etc.), vitamins , fatty and organic acids (malonic, erucic, oxalic). Also, oats, the contraindications to which your dietician should tell you, contains vitamins B1, A, K, B2, B6. In addition, this plant perfectly removes water from the body.


Oats have one major contraindication toapplication - individual intolerance. And it is very rare. On the other hand, do not exceed the dose prescribed for treatment. Because of this, there may be side effects such as dizziness and headache.