Askaridoz. Symptoms. Treatment of helminthic invasion


Ascaridosis is a disease that is one of the mostkinds of helminthiases. It is caused by round worms nematodes, which parasitize in the human body. Ascariasis is a helminthic invasion that has two phases. The first of these, which is early, is accompanied by an allergy. The late phase is characterized by gastrointestinal lesions.

Signs of helminthic invasion at an early stage

In the case when only showed ascariasissymptoms, treatment should be performed under the supervision of a specialist. Signs of the occurrence of this type of helminthic invasion are the patient's complaints about a sense of weakness and general malaise. The person very quickly gets tired and can not continue to work. At the same time, it displays other ascariasis symptoms.

ascariasis symptoms treatment

The treatment of pathology should be started after that,as an exact diagnosis is made, since the signs of the disease are also characteristic of other ailments. Thus, the early stage of ascariasis causes headaches and cough with phlegm, in which there is a bloody impurity. With this type of helminthiasis, the temperature rises, skin rashes appear, which in appearance look similar to hives. With an intense nature of infection, the early stage of ascariasis affects the lungs. In this case, there are pains in the chest and shortness of breath. In the event that exactly such has ascariasis symptoms, treatment is performed in parallel with the elimination of pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. Sometimes at an early stage of this helminthic invasion the work of the liver, as well as the heart and blood vessels is disrupted.

Signs of the second phase of ascariasis

The next stage of pathology can alsoTo develop without obvious symptoms of helminthic invasion. It is characterized by abnormalities in the digestive tract. Decreased appetite, nausea, increased salivation, especially in the morning - such ascaridosis displays symptoms. Treatment in this case is carried out to eliminate diarrhea, as well as constipation, which are typical for this pathology.

In children, this type of helminthic invasion is manifestedstrong cramping pain in the abdomen. They disturb little patients for no apparent reason and often occur during a finger examination. Patients complain of bloating and a feeling of moving something foreign through the intestines.

Symptoms of ascariasis in adults at this stage of pathology are expressed in pain sensations. They arise along the middle line, which is located up or to the right of the umbilical zone.

Just like in the early phase, the late stage of ascariasis is characterized by allergies, skin rashes. Often the patient has a drop in hemoglobin in the erythrocyte.

ascariasis diagnosis
Dysfunction of the system of blood vessels and heart is expressed in the fall of venous and arterial pressure in the patient.

Treatment of ailment

The infectious disease doctor appoints specialpreparations related to angihelminthic. Their list includes such medications as Vermox, Decaris, Helmintox and others. All of them contribute to the expulsion of parasites from the body. Effective in eliminating helminthic invasions and the oxygen method.

Askaridoz. Diagnostics

As mentioned earlier, the development of ascariasisvarious symptoms accompany. For successful treatment of this type of invasion, accurate diagnosis is necessary. To implement it, doctors rely on the collection of both clinical and various laboratory data.

symptoms of ascaridosis in adults

To identify parasites, a general blood test is performed, and also examined for signs of the presence of helminth calves. Effective chest radiographs.