Camphor alcohol. Application in medicine and cosmetology


Camphor alcohol is a medical local irritant drug, prepared on the basis of alcohol and camphor.

Camphor is obtained from the camphor laurel, camphor basil, some species of wormwood, Siberian fir.

The substance, which is almost insoluble in water crystals, is a part of essential oils, tones up breathing, enhances the work of sympathetic nerves.

Camphor helps to remove slag from the body,get rid of chronic pneumonia, heal erysipelas. With the help of this substance you can treat otitis, sinusitis, cold and intestinal disorders.

The properties of pure substance completely retainscamphor alcohol obtained on its basis. Its application in medicine - classical and alternative, cosmetology, aromatherapy, homeopathy helps to get rid of many problems related to the state of health.

For treatment, for example, otitis, 2% camphor alcohol is taken. Its use as a compress helps relieve pain, resolves swelling, produces a warming effect, quickly removes inflammation.

Alcohol is bisected with water, slightlyheat, wet the resulting gauze. Preliminary in the gauze hole for the auricle. The gauze moistened with the composition is placed around the ear, the top is covered with compress paper (also with a hole in the middle), cotton wool. The bandage is fixed with a bandage or scarf, making sure that the ear is open, and alcohol does not get into it. Camphor compress is held on the ear for about two hours. In order not to cause a burn, before the procedure the parotid space can be lubricated with a baby cream or petroleum jelly.

If the doctor has appointed a camphor bath, then you needlie on your side so that the sick ear is on top. It should be warmed up to 36 ° alcohol, about 6 drops. Then, for 20 minutes, you should stay in the original position, after which you can sit, pre-inserting into the ear canal, which prevents the alcohol from flowing. After such trays it is very important to protect the ear from cold or drafts.

Not only in medicine, camphor alcohol is popular. Its application in cosmetology, too, has become widespread. On its basis, you can prepare a variety of products that help to cleanse the skin.

Here is one of the recipes for camphor soap, which is simply prepared at home. By its action, it can easily be compared with expensive tonics or facial foams.

For its preparation it will take halfbaby soap, grated on a fine grater, half a spoonful of glycerin, ammonia and camphor alcohol, a quarter spoonful of peroxide and citric acid, dried chamomile.

From a spoonful of chamomile and a glass of boiling water prepareinfusion, which after half an hour pour grated soap, and then leave until it becomes soft. After this, the resulting mixture is put into a pan with boiling water, stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained, gradually mixing the remaining ingredients. Finally, add peroxide. Washing with soap will relieve the skin of acne and contaminants, improve its turgor, smooth wrinkles.

For cooking lotion from acne in the homecamphor alcohol is also suitable. Applying it for such purposes can lead to dehydration or inflammation of the skin, so before starting the procedure, you should consult a beautician.

It is recommended to mix in equal proportionscamphor, salicylic, boric and levomitsetinovy ​​alcohol, peppermint. The obtained composition in the morning and evening to wipe the face for 10 days. Rest for a week, again repeat rubbing.

When using camphor alcohol, remember that it can cause burns, allergies, lower blood pressure or cause irritation. Therefore, without the advice of a specialist, it is best not to apply it.