Fir essential oil: use for the benefit of the body


Essential oils are the most pleasant way of caringabout your body. The subtle fragrance of nature concentrated in one place has always helped to improve not only the general well-being of a person, but also allowed him to feel every cell of his body, feel his inspiration, his energy and relief.

Among the numerous oils today is a special place,as always, takes fir oil. Its application in various spheres of life, not only in medicine and cosmetology, allows achieving incredible results.

This familiar from childhood fragrance met us everywhere: in the bathroom, filled with salt with a pleasant coniferous smell; in medicines for colds for the nose and throat; in lotions on the wound, smelling of fir; in freshly washed laundry.

The healing power of fir

Such a wide application of the properties of coniferous woodin a person's life is not accidental. It is fir in our country - the most famous curative creation of nature. Of the fir tree, essential oil is extracted more than from other conifers and other plants. In addition, it is much easier to do this. Fir refers to those plant species that produce phytoncides - substances formed in plants with a unique effect - kill microorganisms, including bacteria that are dangerous to humans.

What absorbed the best healing propertiesconiferous tree and in itself represents a whole phytoncidal complex? Fir essential oil! Its use in the treatment of severe patients (cancer) allowed to stop the growth of the tumor. And if the essential oil is so effective in severe diseases, one can only imagine what benefit it will bring to a weakened organism.

Scientists and physicians have studied the healingproperties of oil and came to such conclusions. Essential oil when ingested (not in its pure form, of course!) Is not processed by the body, but is actively absorbed into the blood. Flowing through the body, blood with a high content of oil nourishes the organs in which the foci of the disease originated. With many other diseases, doctors also recommend using fir oil. The use of essential oil in any form will accelerate the recovery process in diseases such as polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, myositis, neuralgia, female and male diseases, psoriasis and others.

Methods of application

Essential oil can be used only indiluted form. The solution should not contain more than 5 drops of oil, per day can not exceed the dose of 18 drops. Essential oil is excreted from the body hard, it takes up to two days. Dosage is very dangerous for them, since highly active substances are concentrated in the oil. If you think that this is good, the microbes will kill faster, then in vain! A lot of oil contains camphor, which negatively affects cardiac activity.

That the fir oil acted as best as possibleon a weakened body, should gradually (not every day, and every other day) increase the number of drops, not exceeding the maximum allowable dose! With 3 drops in one dose up to 7 (it can be up to 10, but you need to control the pulse, if the heart rate rises at least a few strokes, you need to lower the dose and follow the chair - essential oil can act as a laxative).

Fir essential oil is also used in case of diseasegums, toothache in the form of compress on the painful area (oil is not diluted). With a toothache, the compress should be kept for 10 minutes, in the case of the diseased gums, simply by swapping.

To reduce the pain in the throat, you can rinse with warm water with essential oil (a few drops per liter). Rubbing the essential oil in the chest promotes recovery with a strong cold, flu.

Also rubbing the oil is used to relieve pain in the muscles, bones in various diseases (for example, sciatica, myositis).

For the purpose of restorative, tonic actionfir oil, its application in bathing, in aroma lamps, in aromatic candles is widely known among the people. Add not only drops of essential oil to the bath, but also pour in a few grams of emulsion (available at the pharmacy).

Fir oil is a part of many medicines, especially ointments, designed to kill germs on the skin (foot fungus, boils, etc.).

How to choose essential oil of fir

Rarely, but it is on sale substandardfir oil. It can be recognized by a dull color. This means that the oil is poorly processed, and there is water left in it. This oil contains medicinal substances, but in a much smaller quantity.

In fact, the oil should be transparent, glisten, letting the rays of light pass through itself, it is almost colorless, only with a slight yellowness.

What other natural component doesunique action, as widely used as fir oil? The use of oil is also important in perfumery, household chemicals, as in medicine. Both there and there it benefits, it gives unique sensations of connection with nature.