Treatment of pharyngitis in adults and children


Almost every one of us knows thisa disease like pharyngitis, which in practical medicine means the presence of an acute or chronic inflammatory process in the pharyngeal mucosa. This disease is very common in the cold season, in the period of viral epidemics and, perhaps, is one of the main reasons for going to the doctor, especially in children. Knowledge of the causes that led to the onset of the disease, allows for competent treatment of pharyngitis.

What causes can lead to the development of the inflammatory process in the pharynx?

Acute inflammation of the pharynx often occurs inresult of penetration of a bacterial or viral infection. Less commonly, pharyngitis can have a fungal etiology. In addition, local damage to the mucous membrane can occur with direct exposure to irritants, tobacco smoke, too cold or, conversely, hot food, alcohol, etc.

What are the main symptoms of the disease?

The main complaints of the patient when calling a doctorare a feeling of perspiration or tingling in the nasopharynx, sore throat, especially when swallowing solid foods. Body temperature, as a rule, remains within the norm, sometimes it can rise to subfebrile. The general state of health remains normal, but there may be a slight malaise and an ache in the body. On examination, you can see redness and swelling of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, tonsils sometimes appear plaque. Very often, especially in children, nasal breathing is difficult. Proper treatment of pharyngitis at this stage allows you to completely cure and prevent the disease from passing into a chronic form.

Chronic pharyngitis can have several forms. This is catarrhal, atrophic and hypertrophic. Therefore, the treatment of pharyngitis here depends on the form of the disease.

Treatment of pharyngitis in children

In acute disease, the child most oftenlocal treatment is applied, which consists of repeated irrigation or rinsing of the mouth and pharynx with solutions of antiseptics. Most often use warm solutions of furacillin or boric acid, drugs "Gramicidin", "Stopangin" or "Geksoral", herbal medicinal herbs. In addition to solutions, you can use resorption tablets with antiseptics. If nasal breathing is disturbed, irrigation of the nasal cavity with a weak saline solution (preferably if it is seawater) and instillation of vasoconstrictive drugs into each nasal passage ("Nazivin", "Otryvin", "Sanorin", etc.). Alkaline inhalation helps well. It is very important to drink and drink a multivitamin. Treatment of pharyngitis with antibiotics is carried out with the spread of the infection below or in the chronic form of the disease accompanied by fever. When a raid on the tonsils occurs, pharyngitis and angina should be differentiated. Outside of illness it is important to carry out hardening measures.

Treatment of pharyngitis in adults

Drug treatment of acute pharyngitisadults are conducted similarly. It is very important to eliminate irritant components. With chronic pharyngitis, the pharynx is treated with Lugol's solution, alkaline inhalations. To strengthen immunity, multivitamin preparations are prescribed. Hypertrophic pharyngitis is treated with a solution of "Collargol" or a solution of silver, which is cauterized by the enlarged lymphoid tissue of the pharynx. With severe mucosal hypertrophy, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) is used.

Prevention of pharyngitis aresystematic hardening measures, taking multivitamins in the cold season, eliminating irritating agents (tobacco smoke, aggressive food, alcohol, etc.) and sanitation of possible foci of oral infection.