Cefepime. Instructions for use


Medication "Cefepim" instructions for userelates to cephalosporin antibacterial agents. The drug is used parenterally. The drug "Tsefepim" in tablets is not available. The drug has a bactericidal property, it can disrupt the synthesis process in the walls of microbial cells. The activity of the agent is noted with respect to many gram-negative microbes that produce beta-lactamase including gram-positive cocci. The agent also extends to some strains of anaerobes. In therapeutic concentration, the drug is found in the peritoneal fluid, bile, urine, mucus secretion in the bronchi, prostate tissue, with meningitis in the cerebrospinal fluid, exudate blisters, gall bladder, appendix.

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Antibiotic "Cefepime". Appointment

The drug is recommended for pathologiesinflammatory infectious nature, provoked by microorganisms with sensitivity to it. It is prescribed, in particular, a medication for lesions in the lower parts of the respiratory system (for bronchitis, pneumonia), in the urinary tract (uncomplicated and complicated types), in the skin and soft tissues. To the indications for the use of the drug "Cefepim" the instruction for use also includes infections of intra-abdominal (infection in the biliary tract, peritonitis), of gynecological nature. Assign a drug for neuroleptic fever (as an empirical therapy), septicemia. In pediatrics, medication is recommended for meningitis. The drug is prescribed to prevent the development of infections after the abdominal operations.

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Medication "Cefepime". Instructions for use

The dosage regimen is set individually. This takes into account the type of pathogen, the severity of the course, the stage of pathology, as well as the age and tolerability of the patient. Preferably administer the drug «Cefepime "(instruction for use isconfirms) intravenously to a patient with life threatening or severe lesions, with increased probability of shock. For patients whose weight is not more than forty kilograms, with the stability of the renal system, injections into the vein or muscle are carried out at a dose of 0.5-1 g. The interval between the injections is 12 hours. In severe disease, the dosage is increased to 2 g. The interval between administrations is 12 hours. The average duration of treatment is from seven to ten days. Due to the severe course of the disease, longer-term therapy may be prescribed.

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Cefepime. Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

A medication can provoke allergy, anemia,nonspecific candidiasis, phlebitis. During treatment, itching, irritation at the injection site, headaches, anaphylactic shock, soreness in the abdomen, and taste disorders are possible. In rare cases, convulsions, paresthesia, and possibly a fever may occur. Some patients have colitis (pseudomembranous including), nausea, dizziness, urticaria, diarrhea, genital itching. On the basis of therapy, transient leukopenia is noted, an increase in the total amount of bilirubin.