The drug "Teotard". Instructions for use


Tablets "Teotard" - a drug that is part of thecategory of bronchodilator. The active substance of the drug is theophylline. The medicine helps reduce the contractile activity of smooth muscles. The drug has a relaxing effect on the musculature in the bronchi, vessels (mainly the kidneys, skin, brain), has a vasodilating peripheral effect. The medication strengthens the renal blood flow, has a diuretic effect of moderate intensity. Under the influence of the drug increases mucolitic clearance, stimulated contraction in the diaphragm and respiratory center. Due to the activity of the drug, oxygen saturates the blood, reduces the carbon dioxide content. In conditions of hypokalemia, ventilation in the lungs increases. The drug "Teotard" (instructions for use contains such data) stimulates cardiac activity, increases the frequency and force of contractions, increases the need for myocardium in obtaining oxygen and enhances coronary blood flow.

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Means of "Teotard". Instructions for use. Appointment

The drug is effective in bronchoobstructivea syndrome of different nature, COPD (emphysema, obstructive chronic bronchitis). In bronchial asthma physical stress means is the drug of choice, with other forms used as an additional. Medication "Teotard" instructions for use recommends with "pulmonary" heart, pulmonary hypertension, nighttime apnea, edematous renal syndrome (in complex therapy).


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No medication is prescribed for epilepsy,hypersensitivity, hemorrhagic stroke, pregnancy, pathologies of ulcerative type in the digestive tract, lactation. Not recommended remedy for gastritis with high acidity, hypertension and hypotension of severe course, hemorrhages in the retina. The drug "Teotard" instructions for use does not allow for the appointment with heart failure, extrasystoles, in childhood, tachyarrhythmias, uncontrolled hypothyroidism or thyrotoxicosis. Contraindications include prolonged hyperthermia, elderly age, atherosclerosis in vessels of a common type, high convulsive readiness, hypertrophy of the prostate.

The drug "Teotard". Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

theotard instructions for use
On the basis of treatment there is a tremor,irritability, nausea, anxiety, heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux. The drug can provoke headache, exacerbation of the ulcer, allergic manifestations, increased sweating, seizures, photosensitivity. Patients with hypoglycemia, increased frequency in attacks of angina pectoris, a sense of blood flow to the face, increased diuresis.

Dosing regimen

The drug is taken orally. For patients with 14 years of age, the average dosage is twice a day for 300 mg. If necessary, the intake is increased to three or 500 mg once a day. Therapy starts with minimal effective doses, gradually increasing the amount of medication after 1-2 days.

The drug "Teotard". Price

The cost of the medication is from one hundred rubles.