The medicine Vinpotropil. Instructions for use


The drug "Vinpotropil" instructions for use refers to the clinical and pharmacological group of cerebrovascular medications.

The medication is available in the form of capsules, colored yellow and having a red cap. Their contents are represented by white powder.

One capsule contains 0.4 grams of piracetam and 0.005 grams of vinpocetine. Auxiliary components are calcium stearate and lactose.

The drug goes on sale in contour cell packs of ten capsules or in polyethylene containers of fifteen or fifty pieces.

Pharmaceutical means "Vinpotropil", the instruction for use informs, is characterized by good absorbability.

The active ingredient vinpocetine has a bioavailability of about fifty to seventy percent. The half-life is five hours.

Pyracetam is also actively absorbed, possessessufficiently high (ninety-five percent) bioavailability. Most of it (about two-thirds) is excreted by the kidneys. The half-life of plasma is four and a half hours, from the brain - eight hours.

Medicinal preparation "Vinpotropil" instructionon the application characterizes as a means to reduce blood pressure, vasodilation in the brain, increase blood flow and supply the brain with glucose and oxygen. In addition, the drug in question helps to increase the resistance of brain cells to hypoxia, facilitate the transport of oxygen, enhance absorption and metabolism of glucose.

This drug is prescribed for treatmentcerebral circulatory insufficiency (especially during recovery from hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke and encephalopathy of various origin); Parkinsonism, which has a vascular genesis, intoxications, brain injuries and other CNS diseases, accompanied by a decrease in intellectual-mnestic activity; psychoorganic syndrome with signs of adynamia and asthenia, asthenic syndrome; Meniere syndrome, as well as for the prevention of kinetosis and migraine.

Pharmaceutical means "Vinpotropil"the instructions for use do not recommend the use of hypersensitivity to the patient, during gestation and lactation, with severe heart rhythm disturbances, ischemic heart disease. It is not prescribed in the acute stage of hemorrhagic stroke, with renal and / or hepatic insufficiency, and also if the patient's age is less than fourteen years.

Medication "Vinpotropil". Instructions for use and dosing

This agent takes two capsules threetimes during the day. The maintenance dose is one capsule with similar regularity. The course of treatment can last from two to three weeks to six months. In order to avoid the appearance of withdrawal syndrome, the cessation of the use of medication is gradual.

It is noted that the drug in questionenhances the effect of thyroid hormones, antipsychotic medications, psychostimulants, indirect anticoagulants. It also reduces the effect of anticonvulsants (there is a reduction in the convulsive threshold).

Medicinal preparation "Vinpotropil", reviews thisconfirm, may cause mental and motor arousal, irritability, imbalance, decreased ability to concentrate attention, anxiety, sleep disorders, gastralgia, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, angina pectoris, tachycardia.

The expiration date of this medication is thirty-six months.