The preparation "Pirantel" (suspension) - instructions for use


It can be said with certainty that helminthousinvasion has become a scourge of human civilization. The incredible ability of these parasites to survive in all conditions, adapt to low temperatures, to exist in an environment makes them widely prevalent. To get rid of worms, doctors recommend using the drug "Pirantel". Suspension, the instruction for which is applied without fail to each vial of the drug, is used in cases of infection with ascariasis, enterobiasis, ankylostomiasis.

Also, this drug is available in the form of a syrup andtablets. Before using the drug, be sure to consult a doctor. Only an experienced specialist knows how to defeat an infection and avoid re-infection.

The cycle of development of worms is complicated. For example, ascaridosis can not be infected from a person. Infection occurs ascarid eggs, which must necessarily pass the stage of development in the external environment. With particles of soil that settle on vegetables, fruits, greens, ascaris eggs can enter the human food tract through the intestinal wall, penetrating into the internal environment of the body. Some time they mature there and with a current of blood get into the lungs. Punching the wall of the pulmonary alveoli, the larvae of the ascarids are swallowed together with sputum and re-enter the digestive tract, where they finally mature, becoming a huge parasite. Attached suckers to the intestinal wall, the sexually mature individual feeds, releases toxic products of its vital activity, poisoning the body, and lays off a huge number of new eggs that enter the external environment with feces and undergo a new development cycle.

The sexually mature roundworms live for about three weeks, perishing and decomposing, they release a huge amount of toxins that are absorbed into the blood and poison the human body.

In the treatment of ascariasis, the drug is effective"Pirantel" (suspension, syrup or tablets). However, it is worthwhile to know that the immature larvae do not act during migration. The mechanism of its influence lies in the defeat of the muscles of sexually mature parasites and the blocking of nerve endings. Therefore, the doctor, prescribing treatment with the drug "Pirantel" (suspension) (the instruction to which contains recommendations for dosage), always takes into account the age, body weight and general condition of the patient. For the cure to occur quickly and the use of the drug has brought the maximum benefit, strictly adhere to the recommendations of the doctor.

Pinworms also live constantly in the intestineinfected person, descending to the anus at night, causing severe itching and releasing a huge number of eggs in the external environment. The disease that they cause is called "enterobiosis." This helminthic invasion is very dangerous in that it is easily transmitted from person to person. Sexually mature specimens of pinworms do not last long, in three weeks they die and theoretically, it is not difficult to get rid of them. It is enough to observe personal hygiene carefully, so that there is no re-infection. But, unfortunately, it is the pinworm eggs that most often infect children in kindergartens and schools and, as a rule, this disease is of a massive nature. Therefore, when pinworms are detected, the children are prescribed the drug "Pirantel" (suspension). The instruction also specifies, that on a compulsory basis treatment should pass all persons living together with the sick child. Typically, a doctor or nurse gives a detailed explanation of what precautions should be observed so as not to get infected with this parasite again. According to doctors and parents, the drug "Piratnel" (syrup) is accepted with pleasure by children, because it has a pleasant apricot flavor. However, do not forget that this is a powerful drug and must be stored in a place inaccessible to children.

What contraindications and side effects doespreparation "Pirantel" (suspension)? The instruction warns that in case of an overdose, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, pain in the stomach, frequent stools are possible. The medicine is prescribed with great care to children under 2 years old, pregnant women, nursing mothers.

When treatment with the drug "Pirantel" (syrup or suspension), no additional use of laxative drugs will be required.