Pharyngitis disease - what is it?


Unpleasant sensations and a sore throat canpoint to a common phenomenon, like pharyngitis. What it is? It is an inflammation of the pharynx, which can be a manifestation of acute colds or respiratory diseases. Also, the patient may be worried about coughing, perspiration, itching in the throat. The disease of pharyngitis can develop in both adults and children. Diagnosis of this disease in children is complicated by the fact that they can not complain about unpleasant sensations. However, attentive parents will notice in the behavior of the crumbs changes: sleep disturbance, poor appetite, irritability, tearfulness.

pharyngitis - what is it?

Pharyngitis: what is it and what are the types of the disease?

Pharyngitis can be acute or chronic.

The acute form of the disease, as a rule, does not proceed in isolation and is one of the signs of an acute viral or infectious disease.

Chronic pharyngitis, in turn,is divided into hypertrophic and atrophic. In the first case, there is a conglomeration of viscous mucous sputum in the throat, which provokes irritation. It can be especially troublesome in the morning and accompanied by nausea or vomiting. Atrophic pharyngitis is characterized by more pronounced symptoms: the mucous membrane is dry, it can be difficult to separate dried mucus. Feeling persistent and dryness in the throat.

Pharyngitis: causes of the disease

Like all chronic ailments, pharyngitis canDevelop against a weakened immune system. Also, this condition can be provoked by infectious diseases that occur in parallel, stressful situations, hypothermia and overfatigue of the body.

Chronic pharyngitis can be a consequence of frequentcolds, bacterial or viral infections. In addition, climate and environmental factors can have a negative impact: chemicals, polluted air, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking.

It is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible if there is a suspicion of pharyngitis. What is it and how to eliminate discomfort, the doctor will tell.

pharyngitis of the cause

Treatment of the disease

Therapy of pharyngitis is carried out in a complex,is aimed at reducing the characteristic symptoms and eliminating the underlying cause of the disease. Medication includes the use of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial drugs. With infectious pharyngitis, it is recommended to spray the throat cavity with antiseptic and analgesic aerosols. With the allergenic nature of the disease, antihistamines are prescribed.

For the treatment of acute pharyngitis, immunomodulators are used that stimulate the development of protective forces of the body.

Treatment of the chronic form of the disease begins with the sanation of foci of infection of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.

pharyngitis disease

Therapy of atrophic pharyngitis is directed, first of all, to the elimination of dryness and pain in the throat. To do this, use alkaline and oil inhalation.

The positive influence on the patient's condition is exerted by sea and mountain air.

In addition, in order to prevent furtherdamage to the inflamed mucosa and for the prevention of disease, it is recommended to adhere to certain principles of nutrition. It is necessary to exclude from the diet rough, spicy, salty, hot and cold food.

After reading this article, you learned more about thisa disease like pharyngitis: what it is, its causes and principles of treatment. Always watch your health, do not ignore the symptoms of disease and be healthy.