Clover meadow. Therapeutic properties of the plant


For agricultural and industrial purposesThe fields are cultivated, as a rule, the clover is red. It is used for harvesting hay, goes for the preparation of vitamin concentrates, and also increases the fertility of the fields. But this plant is often found in the wild.

clover meadow medicinal properties
In this clover meadow medicinal properties,contraindications has the same as red. Both plants are absolutely equivalent in medical terms. This perennial grows from a family of legumes, despite the name, not necessarily in meadows, it can be found both on forest edges and in fields. A distinctive feature of the clover are its leaves: they are triple. Flowers have the appearance of globular red large enough heads. Bottom of each of them is wrapped in leaves. The plant blooms from May to July, and in some regions until the fall. During this period, for medical purposes, and collect its red heads, as well as leaves. So, why and what is useful for clover meadow? Healing properties of it are due primarily to the chemical composition. Grass clover grass contains coumarins, flavonoids, carotene, phenolic acids, tannins, sitosterols, fatty oils and ethereal, vitamins E, C. It is extracted from its roots glycosides isotripholine and trifolin. These are antifungal agents.

Clover meadow: medicinal properties for female diseases

When menstruation occurs irregularly and accompanied by severe pain, with uterine bleeding from the plant, the next infusion is prepared.

clover meadow medicinal properties contraindications

Pour boiling water (200 ml) two spoons of dried clover and leave the clock at 6-8. Drink the infusion for four meals (that is, 50 ml) for a day before meals.

Clover meadow: medicinal properties for colds

With whooping cough, chronic cough, with asthma,fever, pulmonary diseases (including tuberculosis) as an expectorant broth make more saturated. In this case, a glass of boiling water is poured already 3-4 spoons of grass. Drink infusion, like tea. The same broth is sometimes taken with chronic rheumatism and as a sparing diuretic.

Clover meadow: medicinal properties for anemia

With anemia due to malnutrition,sharp slimming can be done as follows. Grind the flower heads of the clover, measure out 3 teaspoons, pour them with boiling water (200 ml) and insist under the lid for an hour. Each time for a while before a meal, take 50 ml of medicine.

than useful clover meadow

Improve the appetite will help infusion, cookedfrom the teaspoon of clover. The grass should be poured with boiling water (200 ml) and strain in five minutes. Divide 80 ml of liquid into four divided doses. Also this plant is one of the components of the infusions that contain a lot of vitamin C.

Clover meadow: medicinal properties with external application

The leaves, ground until the juice is isolated,apply to burns, to abscesses, ulcers on the skin, purulent wounds. Instead of fresh clover as a disinfectant, you can use a strong broth or infusion of dried flowers and herbs for poultices (take 3-4 tablespoons of raw material for a glass of boiling water). Juice squeezed from the plant, washed the eyes with allergies.