Medicinal product "Subsimplex". Instruction, description, price


The medicinal product "Subsimplex" is a pharmacological preparation that exerts a carminative effect. It prevents the formation of gas bubbles in the intestines and contributes to their destruction.

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Medical preparation "Subsimplex": instruction, price

The drug is released in the form of suspension for admissioninside. The active substance is simethicone. The liquid externally is a viscous gray-white mass with a vanilla-raspberry odor. Enhanced gas formation, flatulence - the main indications for the use of the drug "Subsymplex". The instruction provides for medication even for newborns. In addition to the fact that the remedy can cope with discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, it is also used:

  • for the preparation of the digestive system for carrying out ultrasonic, X-ray studies;
  • for acute poisoning with agents containing surface-active substances (cleaning, washing solutions);
  • to restore the digestive system after surgery.

Medication "Subsimplex" instruction prescribestake after meals or during it. Adults drug is prescribed up to 4-6 times a day for 30-45 drops. The dose can be increased if necessary. Before use, the glass vial should be shaken well. A convenient dosing device, which is equipped with a bottle, helps to count the desired number of drops. For adults, the drug can be bought at a price of 220 to 250 rubles.

How to use "Subsymplex" for newborns: instruction, price

subsimplex for newborns

Parents have long appreciated this drug fordignity. It effectively helps children, including infants. Bloating, colic - the symptoms that can eliminate the drug "Subsimplex". The instruction provides for a simple scheme for taking medication: 15 drops before or during a meal. If the baby often wakes up from pain at night, then give the drug before bed. Use the tool "Subsimplex" instruction permits up to 8 times per day. It can be given in pure form or mixed with any liquids: milk, juice, water. Before you start using the product for babies, it is recommended to read the summary to it and learn the opinion of the pediatrician. After all, if a child has intestinal obstruction or a special susceptibility to one of the components, it is contraindicated to use the drug "Subsymplex". The average cost of the described medication for newborns ranges from 200-250 rubles per package.

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Additional information about taking the medicinal product "Subsimplex"

Due to the fact that the drug does not penetrate into the blood,it is recommended to use it during pregnancy and during lactation. The drug "Subsimplex" is used to treat children of any age. In this case, the dosage is increased according to the instructions. Reviews of the medication means that after it virtually no adverse reactions. In addition, there are no restrictions on the duration of the drug. The "Subsimplex" remedy is a medication that should be in your home medicine cabinet.