Anti-inflammatory drug "Naklofen": instructions for use


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Means of "Naklofen" instructions for usecharacterizes as an anti-inflammatory drug of a non-steroidal type, which has a pronounced antipyretic and analgesic effect. This medication is prescribed to eliminate the pain syndrome of various origins and to treat a wide variety of forms of rheumatic diseases. In this case, the basis of the anti-inflammatory drug "Naklofen" (instruction for use confirms) is the inhibition of cyclooxygenase and a violation of the synthesis of prostaglandins. Thus, this medicine completely reduces or significantly reduces the severity of the symptoms of inflammation and the increased susceptibility of nerve endings to various kinds of mechanical stimuli. In addition, this non-steroid drug provides a reduction in body temperature and the concentration of prostaglandins in the synovial fluid, gastric mucosa and urine.

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Anti-inflammatory drug is produced"Naklofen" (instructions for use are always included) in the form of rectal suppositories, gel, tablets and solution for injection. In the composition of all the forms listed, the main active ingredient is a substance such as diclofenac.

Use the analgesic drug "Naklofen"The instruction for use advises mainly for the therapy of various rheumatic diseases that are inflammatory. For example, this agent is often prescribed for seronegative spondylitis or juvenile arthritis. This anti-inflammatory drug is indicated for use in spondylosis, pseudograpping and gout. People with arthrosis or any other degenerative diseases of the spine and joints also recommend using the Naklofen tool. Injections with this medicine are prescribed for tendonitis, bursitis, synovitis and myositis.

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Among other things, the list of direct indicationsthe use includes hepatic and renal colic, neck, back, shoulder, muscle or waist pain, soft tissue damages and swelling, bruises, stretching of the tendons, muscles and ligaments, spinal osteochondrosis and tenderness of the joints, provoked by increased physical exertion. Finally, this non-steroid drug is actively prescribed for primary and secondary dysmenorrhea and dental surgical interventions.

Use this anti-inflammatory drugis strictly contraindicated in case of an established allergic reaction to diclofenac, as well as hypersensitivity of the patient to salicylates or any other substances from the NSAID group. People with a peptic ulcer of the stomach or peptic ulcer of the duodenum should likewise refuse to take Naklofen. Reviews mention and undesirability of its use in intestinal bleeding. In addition, do not prescribe this anti-inflammatory drug to patients under the age of fourteen.