Bay leaf. Benefit and harm of plant product


The bay leaf serves as an indispensable seasoning fora large list of various dishes. In doing so, it gives the finished food a unique flavor and taste. The Bay leaf, whose benefit and harm have been studied by medicine for a long time, has healing properties for human health, with some contraindications.

bay leaf is good and bad
The unique gift of nature

The healing power of plant matter isits beneficial effect on immunity, the increase of which is the most urgent problem in the cold periods, as they are accompanied by numerous colds.

The bay leaf in medicine is also used in the form ofoil. This agent is used in inhalation. It is recommended to bury bay oil in the nose with a cold. Effectively a natural remedy for rubbing.

Tincture of bay leaf is also widely used. This healing agent is capable of removing slags from the body and increasing its resistance to stressful situations. In this regard, it is recommended for use with diets. Small amounts of tincture of medicinal plants have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.

bay leaf in medicine
Valuable composition for the elimination of ailments

The Bay leaf, the use and harm of which is due tocomponents included in its composition, includes tannins in large quantities. Thanks to these elements, the plant tincture provides invaluable help in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding, and also during the menopause. The same drug is recommended by doctors as a means to get rid of kidney stones. Tincture, as well as bay leaf oil, is recommended for scabies and pains in the joints, paralysis and neurological pathologies. The curative remedies are rubbed into the skin.

The Bay Leaf whose benefit and harm are known fromimmemorial times, has in its composition a multitude of trace elements and substances useful to the body. These components normalize the digestive tract, accelerate metabolic processes and improve appetite.

In the laurel leaf there is a large amountaromatic components, as well as essential oils. They can suppress the development of a disease such as tuberculosis. The spicy aroma of the plant repels the moth. A bay leaf is recommended when getting rid of diabetes and psoriasis, as well as cancer.

bay leaf tincture
Laurel leaf in the perfume industry is popular. It is also used in the manufacture of various liquors.

Precautionary measures

The Bay leaf, the benefit and harm of which should be carefully studied before its use, is a highly allergenic product. Do not recommend its use and nursing mothers.

Contraindicated bay leaf for women in the periodpregnancy. The plant can cause an increase in the tone of the uterus, which leads to miscarriages. The bay leaf is not recommended in the presence of kidney diseases during their exacerbation, as well as with ailments of the heart and liver. There are pathologies that require complete rejection of spices. These include impaired protein metabolism and renal failure.

Thus, with the use of bay leaveswe must adhere to the recommendations of specialists, and in the presence of contraindications spice, as well as essential oil and tincture from laurel can not be used at all.