Chaga with oncology: properties, how to take, feedback


Probably every person has heard about oncological diseases at least once, and understands how difficult this test is for a patient. And those who managed to defeat cancer, start a completely new life.

Nowadays, oncological diseases are treatedquite successfully not only traditional medicine, but also folk methods. One of such methods is a miraculous chaga mushroom, with oncology providing a whole complex of actions and contributing to a speedy recovery. But first things first.

chaga in oncology

A bit of history

Even in the times of Ancient Rus about the uniqueproperties of this tool were known, and successfully used it for the treatment of oncology. For example, Vladimir Monomakh was able to defeat the cancer of the lips just thanks to the broths of chaga.

Since the 19th century, active research has begunproperties of this drug, and they continue to this day, but one clearly is clear - the chaga mushroom in oncology really works and helps to defeat the disease.

It is known that in those parts of the world wheregrows this mushroom (for example, Karelia), people are less inclined to cancer, because they often drink infusion of fungus. Particularly active in the quality of drinks use this remedy in the Far East.

What is it?

In fact, the chaga is a mushroom parasite. Only if for a person he has useful properties, then he is able to kill trees slowly. Chaga grows mainly on alder, aspen, mountain ash and birch, for which he received the second name - birch mushroom.

Identifying chaga is not difficult, but you can mix it up withother subspecies of Trutoviks. The fungus is dark brown, and sometimes black. It is quite solid and can reach a weight of 2-2.5 kg. Very strongly grows a parasite to a tree, that sometimes it can not be broken off - just cut it off.

Useful material

Chaga in oncology helps because of its unique composition, because it contains a lot of biologically active substances:

  • First of all, these are organic acids (tartaric, formic, acetic).
  • Such substances as mineral resins, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, silicon, sodium, etc.
  • Pigmentary substances included in the chromogenic polyphenolcarbon complex.
  • Flavonoids and alkanoids - have a diuretic effect and help to ease spasms.
  • Melanin is a substance that has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Phytoncides - fight against germs.
  • Different resins.

Thus, chaga in oncology is an ideal tool. In addition, it helps to cope with other diseases.

fungus chaga with oncology

List of diseases treated with chaga

Chaga helps not only with oncology, but alsofights with other concomitant diseases. It is also taken as prophylaxis - which is very beneficial for the body, because the fungus has a complex effect.

With what else does the fungus fight?

  • All kinds of liver disease, as well as cirrhosis.
  • A variety of dermatitis and other skin problems.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Mastopathy and other problems with the mammary glands.
  • Diseases of the stomach, in particular ulcers, gastritis.
  • Fatigue, insomnia.

Because Chaga not only helps to defeat cancer, but also to improve the condition and well-being of the patient as a whole.


It is noted that as an independent toolused chaga mushroom. Application in oncology, however, can only be ancillary, in no case should the patient stop traditional treatment.

Due to various clinical studies, it was possible to establish that the agent has a wide range of therapeutic effects on the body. But, surprisingly, the fungus is completely non-toxic.

In addition, chaga has the following actions:

  • Bactericidal.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Acceleration of metabolism.
  • Normalization of the digestive tract.
  • Anesthetic.
  • Restoring the properties of blood.
  • It struggles with the pathogenic flora of the intestine.
  • Promotes the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Diuretic.
  • Regulating blood sugar.
  • Soothes the nervous system.

All these properties of chaga in oncology will not beare useless. They help the body in the fight against pathology. Even if a person pursues a goal to be cured only of cancer using a chaga mushroom, the application in oncology will have a complex effect on the body and will speed up recovery.

fungus chaga application in oncology

The main composition for treatment

The main drug for the treatment of cancer is infusion. How to brew chaga in oncology? It is necessary to follow this plan:

  1. How should we wash the mushroom with running water. Boil a portion of water and fill the raw materials so that the water was higher by 1-1.5 cm. It is necessary to insist the composition for 6-8 hours.
  2. We take the mushroom out of the water (it should be sufficiently softened). Now it must be crushed. You can use a meat grinder for this.
  3. And again pour the flesh with water, the same one in which the mushroom was soaked. Pre-heat the water. We use the proportion 1: 5 (one part pulp, 5 - water). We insist about 2 days.
  4. Now merge the infusion into a separate container, squeeze the pulp. Further it is necessary to add as much boiled water to reach the original volume.

Keep this infusion in the refrigerator, but no more than 2-3 days, after which you need to prepare a new composition.

How to drink chaga in oncology? This infusion should be taken 3 times a day, a glass for half an hour before meals.

how to brew chaga in oncology

Alcohol tinctures

There are also alcohol compounds. To prepare this infusion it is necessary to take half a glass of chopped chaga (necessarily dried). The mushroom is poured with a liter of quality vodka, after which the composition is placed in a dark cool place and infused for 14 days.

Take tincture is necessary 3 times a day before meals for 1 dessert spoon. Treatment must be observed within 14 days.


There are also other ways of treatment. For example - inhalation, which is important in cancer of the larynx.

It is necessary to take chopped chaga (50-100 g). The pulp is placed in a pot and poured about 500 ml of water. It is necessary to wait about 5 minutes, then bend over the pan and, covered with a warm towel or rug, breathe in pairs for 5-10 minutes.

To conduct inhalation is necessary 2 times a day for 3 months, taking a break at the end of each month for 7-10 days.

To achieve greater effectiveness, it is recommended to take inhalations together with inhalations, alternating inhalations and taking infusions.

chaga with oncology reviews


Treatment with Chaga during oncology is unique due to the fact that it is possible to prepare a medicine from almost any form from the mushroom. For example, ointments are used to treat external cancer.

The basis of this drug is used infusionchagi, the recipe of which is described above. Also for the creation of the ointment will require pork or interior fat. In proportions of 1: 1, lard and infusion are mixed, after which they are brought to a boil on a slow fire, stirring constantly. The resulting mass is removed from the plate and wrapped in something warm, close the lid.

The composition must be brewed for 24 hours, after which the infusion should be filtered. Now you have a ready-made ointment, which must be stored in the refrigerator.

Here is a list of those oncological diseases against which ointment from Chaga helps:

  • Rectal cancer.
  • Oncology of the skin.
  • Diseases of the mammary glands.
  • Uterine cancer.
  • Oncology of the prostate.

Also, we should not forget about microclysters thatDo with prostate cancer or rectum. In this case, 50-100 ml of infusion is administered through microclysters in the morning and evening. The solution should be kept for 5-10 minutes.


Do not forget that it is also used in chaga tea.

how to drink chaga in oncology

Application in oncology allows you to brew a variety of herbs that, in combination with chaga, have a healing effect on the body.

Here are some herbs that have anti-cancer properties:

  • Plantain.
  • Air.
  • Calendula.
  • St. John's Wort.

Brewing the data of the herbs, it is necessary to add 2 teaspoons of chaga infusion into the tea. You can drink such a composition about 3-4 times a day.

It should be noted that with the cancer of the abdominal cavity and the gastrointestinal tract, the following herbs are used:

  • Liquorice root.
  • Dog-rose fruit.
  • Grass yarrow.
  • Grass of wormwood.
  • Pine buds.


Chaga with oncology, reviews of which are very different, extremely rarely causes allergies. However, there are other contraindications, which need to pay special attention.

  • When using chaga, it is necessary to completely eliminate intravenous glucose.
  • Chaga can not be used in the treatment of antibiotics, especially the penicillin series.
  • Chronic colitis, like dysentery, is a disease in which the use of fungus is unacceptable.
  • Patients with an overly shaky nervous system need to be cautious about taking infusions, since its overabundance can have the opposite effect.

Also it is necessary to observe some rules.

Tips and Tricks

Chaga with oncology will help only if the patient will comply with the following rules:

  1. To meet chaga in the forest is quite easy. But you should not forget that if a person has not previously met with this fungus, it is better to give preference to the raw material from the pharmacy.
  2. If you are experienced in collecting mushrooms, then do not forget that removing the chaga from already dead, dry wood is not worth it - there will be no use from it.
  3. Also avoid the mushrooms growing near the roads - they have absorbed only waste, and there are no useful properties in the raw materials.
  4. When taking chaga you should give up fried, smoked, spicy food, as well as from canned food and soda.
  5. Before starting treatment, make sure that you do not have the contraindications described above.
  6. No matter how miraculous the drug was, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using it.
  7. Indeed, a unique action has onorganism of chaga. Application in oncology is no exception. However, there is no need to hope for a miracle. In the case of oncology, the fungus must be taken as an additional treatment and not to forget about traditional therapy.

chaga application in oncology

Feedback on admission

Scale chaku have been taken for a long time, because of the reception of this product, a lot of feedback has accumulated.

It should be noted that those who take Chaga for a long time, note that the fungus not only contributed to recovery from cancer, but also helped to fully recover to the person in a short time.

Chagi's ability to rejuvenate as a whole is also seen, which is understandable - after all, the fungus helps to remove slags and toxins from the body, cleans it and provides a preventive effect.

Those who are accustomed to brewing tea from chaga, note the improvement of health in general, the lack of insomnia and fatigue, the tone of the body.

Of course, do not think that the chaga is a panaceafrom all diseases. But with proper and regular admission, this remedy does have an amazing effect on the body. The main thing, remember - you should not do self-medication! Even a doctor can advise you about traditional medicine and give advice, in what quantities, how often and in what form it is necessary to take chag.

Also, do not abuse the treatment, because even the most unique drug will be harmful, if you do not take breaks in its reception.

Remembering these tips and rules, you will not only be able to quickly recover, but also improve your body, prolong the years of life and make it more happy without disease.