Amanita: recipe for tincture on alcohol


Red fly agaric has long been considered a funguspoisonous, to which you can not touch. Therefore, many are surprised to learn that it has medicinal properties. In this article, we learn the recipe for a drug from fly agaric.

fly agaric recipe

Healing properties

From this poisonous mushroom do drugs.For anti-varicose, stimulant and analgesics, red mushroom is used (the recipe is given in the article below). Its use weakens the pain of rheumatism, spasms, tumors and neuroses. Treatment takes place with spasms of the intestine, tuberculosis, menopause and urea. Its medicinal properties can rejuvenate the body. At the same time you can make a cream and tincture from it.

Types of fly agarics

Find edible varieties of fly agarics can bein any forest. The most common is the Caesar mushroom (Caesar). It has a fleshy hat with a diameter of up to 20 cm. Initially it has a white veil and an egg shape, from which a red-orange or red hat appears. Plates to the middle are enlarged, yellow-orange. Leg below cylindrical with tuber. White pulp with a rather pleasant smell.

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A saffron look is edible.The diameter of his hat reaches 9 cm, it is orange, flat. On the mushroom mucus is not much, dairy or white plates, soft, of different lengths. On the base of the leg is swollen, covered with small scales. A little sweet flesh.

Also, the use of fly agaric is allowed.The hat of this mushroom reaches 15 centimeters, brown with white rare parts of veils. Plates can be white and reddish. Thin leg lighter hats on tone. The tender flesh breaks easily. This fungus smelly, it gives enough strong dampness.

Near the houses there is often a pinealmushroom. His hat is more like a ball with small scales. White color young, dirty-grayish - mature. Leg to base thick, dilated, rough. Dense pulp with a very pleasant smell.

Description of the properties

This fungus has unique healing properties,the use of which will not be replaced by any other plant. For medicines from vascular and vein diseases, impotence and atherosclerosis, a panther species will be used. His curative infusion with ease relieves the emergence of warts.

fly agaric treatment recipe

Red fly agaric has great healing properties.It treats various serious diseases, including epilepsy. The remedy removes some diseases of the spinal cord and skin. Its use will relieve from chronic ulcers and ulcers. Red fungus also calms a nervous breakdown.

Amanita: folk recipes

Traditional healers have accumulated vast experienceuse of curative properties of mushroom. Unfortunately, classical medicine is a valuable tool not in a hurry to take on arms. Let's consider some recipes.


It is easy to prepare fly agaric for alcohol.The recipe is simple: take a fresh mushroom (2 kilograms of hats) or powder (15 g) and 0.5 liters of 45% alcohol. The resulting mixture is infused in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

The alcohol extract is suitable for the treatment of variousoncological problems: mammary glands, GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, etc. Treatment passes or takes place courses on 3 months, it is supervised by the fitomikoterapevtom. Dosage - 1-5 drops per glass of water. Traditional healers in the treatment of such problems recommend taking courses for 12 days with weekly breaks, with tincture taking 1-12 drops (this depends on the nature of the disease) in mushroom juice (from white mushrooms or veshenok) or milk.


Consider the following recipe.Amanita on vodka is also not difficult to prepare. To do this, use 3-4 fresh hats, which you need to grind, then pour vodka and put in glassware. The liquid should cover a layer of mushrooms for a couple of centimeters. Infuse in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Liquid after termination of an insult to filter.

amanita for alcohol recipe

This recipe for tincture of mushroom is used for anesthesia (as rubbing) for rheumatism, radiculitis, joint pain, etc.

Frequent convulsions

What else can fly agaric?Treatment (the prescription is given below) using this fungus is possible and muscle cramps. They often arise because of nervous system disorders. It should be noted that in this case, a short reception of tincture gives often a rapid therapeutic effect. It should be taken on an empty stomach twice a day, 5 drops per half a cup of water.

Painful menstruation

Amanita, a recipe of the tincture from which is indicated inThe article below also helps to cope with painful menstruation. Use the drug every day in the morning until the desired result. Multiplicity of drug intake is further reduced to a time of 7 days. For prevention, it is recommended to take a once-only medication once a month. Thus, the reason for the monthly suffering of a huge number of women is easily eliminated.


What else can fly agaric, whose recipe is sois it simple? For treatment of mastopathy use tincture on cognac. At the same time, the technology of preparing this medicinal preparation is almost nothing from the famous method of obtaining tincture: it is cut down by fly agarics, laid in a jar and filled with cognac. For two weeks continue to insist, sometimes shaking the contents. "Cognac tincture" is recommended to take three times a day for 1/10 tablespoons for half an hour before meals.

fly agaric recipe

Rheumatism and rheumatic cardia

But not only in this form is used fly agaric.The recipe is from Russia. It will require a Russian stove (or at least an oven). Fresh mushrooms are densely rammed into clay ware, covered with a lid, which is then coated with dough. The tare is placed on the asbestos sheet in the oven to thereby prevent burning. After 3 hours, remove the structure, and the separated juice is filtered through 2 layers of gauze, then diluted with alcohol 1: 1. Pour the resulting mixture into a bottle of dark glass, and then insist for two weeks. A means for rubbing is used. The drug is effective in eliminating pain and inflammation in the joints.


Now consider the recipe for fly agaric forjoints. The method of preparation of this remedy resembles the previous one, only with the difference that the mushrooms are stacked with layers of salt. Then the vessel is removed to the oven for 4 hours (180 ° C). Ready syrupy liquid is not mixed with alcohol, and poured into a jar of dark glass and stored in a refrigerator. This "treacle" of medicinal properties does not lose for a long time. As folk healers say, such a recipe for tincture of mushroom in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, rheumatism has analgesic effect, while "cold tumors" completely breaks down.

Signs of poisoning

It should be borne in mind that the fly agarics are poisonous mushrooms, and a person can easily and badly poison them if the dosage is disturbed. At intoxication the following symptoms are observed:

  • acute diarrhea;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • stomach ache;
  • salivation;
  • severe sweating;
  • cyanosis (skin color and mucous membranes of bluish color);
  • narrowing of the pupils;
  • dyspnea;
  • delirium and hallucinations;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • convulsions.

In this case, you need to call an ambulance, and before she arrives, you need to take a series of measures in order to maximize the patient's condition.

recipe for fly agarics for joints

Help with poisoning

So, what should you do if the remedy from the fly agarics (due to an overdose or for some other reason) caused poisoning, but did not help?

  1. You need to get a person to drink 0.5 liters of water,Put your fingers deep into the mouth, causing vomiting. It is necessary to repeat the procedure as many times as it may be necessary to completely purify the stomach of food. It is necessary to stop, as pure water starts to come out.
  2. A person should take saline special laxative. For this, magnesium sulphate (30 g) is dissolved in 1/2 cup of water.
  3. In case it was not at handlaxative, it is necessary to make the patient an enema from one glass of heated water. To enhance the effect in the water, it is desirable to put a spoonful of shavings of children's or household soap.
  4. Give a person to drink 15 drops of belladonna tincture,30 drops of "Zelenin" or a couple of tablets of any means that have a part of the belladonna (for example, "Bicarbon", "Besalol", "Belloid", "Bellalgin", "Bellataminal").

Further assistance should be provided by specialists.


Prescribe treatment with fly agarics can not be nursingmothers and pregnant women, individuals with individual intolerance. It is also contraindicated for children under 16 years of age. The drug with the fungus must be taken in the dosages indicated above.

prescription drug from fly agaric


Reviews about fly agaric show that the treatment gives themvarious result. The alcohol tincture helps, especially with skin abscesses and osteochondrosis. Those who used the medicine incorrectly received burns. In this case, cancer, which is treated in this way, is not always the case.

In order for the treatment not to become a disease, apply any medicine strictly at the indicated dosages. And remember - the fly agaric is poisonous, the healing properties can sometimes do much harm!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! And do not forget to consult a doctor beforehand.