What is the treatment for bronchitis in adults? Stepwise therapy with medicines and folk remedies


Disease of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by a long intermittent cough, is bronchitis. It affects both the lungs and the bronchial tree. This disease is of two forms: acute and chronic.

than treat bronchitis in adults

Chronical bronchitis

Many colds are accompanied bydefeat of the bronchial tree. The chronic form of bronchitis is no exception. To distinguish this disease from others it is possible during the first weeks on intermittent heavy cough. Before we tell what bronchitis is treated in adults at this stage, let's consider the causes of its occurrence. First of all, this is active and passive smoking. Frequent outbreaks of this disease doctors associated with increased slagging of the gastrointestinal tract. People with advanced age are also prone to chronic bronchitis, and women are sick more often. The list of causes leading to this disease includes poor ecology, work in harmful production, heredity. The main symptoms of chronic bronchitis are a prolonged cough with sputum, chest pain and shortness of breath. If untimely treatment of bronchitis quickly progresses, and possible infectious complications.

Acute form of bronchitis

The main symptoms of acute bronchitis are: swelling of bronchial mucosa, severe chest pain, thick sputum, wheezing with breathing, periodic fever. In medicine, many cases of this fatal disease have been recorded.

Than to treat a bronchitis at adults stage by stage

If treatment of bronchitis begins on time, that is, literally in the first week of its progression, complications can be avoided.

  • than treating bronchitis in adults
    At the first stage it is recommended to stop smoking. This is the key to successful further treatment and prevention at the same time.
  • What is the treatment of bronchitis in adults in the second stage? In general, drugs are prescribed that stimulate the receptors, thereby expanding the bronchi. According to statistics, the best means are Salbutamol, Fenoterol, Terbutaline and Bromide.
  • The third stage is stimulation of sputum production. Expectorant and mucolytic drugs - that's what treats bronchitis in adults at this stage. If it is an acute form, then drugs with a plant base are used. If the chronic - then take synthetic mucolytics. The list of the most effective means included "Lazolvan", "Ambroxol" and "ATSTS". These medicinal products tend to dilute sputum, strengthen its secretion and restore the functions of the epithelium of the bronchi. For more effective use of complex treatment: take mucolytics along with antibiotics.
  • In the fourth stage, onlyantibiotics. They are usually administered intramuscularly or intravenously, but can be taken orally. Drugs for bronchitis in adults are prescribed individually, based on the stage of the disease, body characteristics, age and individual intolerance of certain components.

Folk remedies for bronchitis
cures for bronchitis in adults

In some cases, the use of medicinesmeans undesirable or impossible. The reason for this can be any individual characteristics of a person. What is the treatment of bronchitis in adults in such cases? Of course, resort to traditional medicine. Quite effective in bronchitis is a sudorific tea from balm, elderberry and linden flowers, seasoned with honey. An irreplaceable assistant in the treatment is the onion:

  1. The mixture of onions, sugar and honey, made by 5 r. in a day. For its preparation in a liter of water boil half a kilogram of chopped onion, 2 cups of sugar and 50 g of honey.
  2. Well, this recipe also proved itself: crushed onion (1 tbsp.) pour ¼ tbsp. vinegar and insist for a while. Then strain through several layers of gauze or bandage and take a spoonful every half hour. This infusion copes with even the most powerful cough.
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