Mint: essential oil, its useful properties and methods of application


Have you ever wondered why onthe human body produces such a strong effect of mint? The essential oil of this plant helps to calm the nervous system, which is indispensable during a busy work week, when stressful situations lie in wait at every step. With proper use, you can achieve positive results and get rid of many ailments.

Mint - essential oil: medicinal properties

mint essential oil

The most popular product scoperefers to aromatherapy. It's no secret that after a hard day nothing soothes, like a hot bath with the addition of a few drops of mint ether. The active substances contained in this product naturally affect your health by toning your body. Thus, you will be able to restore strength in the shortest time, so the rest of the evening can be devoted to your favorite pursuits or socializing with close people. To work many hours in a row, keeping concentration on important issues, you can periodically put in the office aroma lamp, which pours essential oil of mint. Its use is also effective for acute respiratory infections. If you use it as an auxiliary, you can lower body temperature, eliminate headaches and ensure a speedy recovery. Inhalation is recommended for loss of voice or hoarseness with inflammation of the larynx. Some people use this oil as a good pain killer, especially with toothache, periodic cuts at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. It is not surprising that many pharmaceutical companies add mint extract to some products.

Essential oil of peppermint: application in cosmetic purposes

essential oil of peppermint application

This product is characterized as a qualityPurifying component, found in many masks and peelings of leading mass production companies. But it will bring the greatest benefit to owners of a fat type of a skin as perfectly clears pores and eliminates superfluous shine, giving epidermis a matte shade. In order to enrich the usual tonic for the face, you can add a few drops of the available product. You will certainly experience the tonic effect that mint provides. Essential oil of this plant is actively used in the recipes of hair masks, which allows to give the last shine and strength. In order for the piling to hold the mold longer, add a few drops of the above agent to your favorite shampoo. Emergency restoration of the structure can be achieved using a mask that combines burdock, olive, coconut oil and mint ether. Apply for a few hours, then wash off with shampoo, as usual. Such a recipe will not only improve the appearance, but also get rid of dandruff, because even microcracks are healed.

Mint - essential oil: contraindications

essential oil of peppermint application

Such an active substance should only be usedprovided there are no contraindications. Under the ban fall pregnant young women and children of the age group of up to 7 years, because their skin is too tender for such an aggressive influence. Also, do not take mint baths immediately before going to bed, because the remedy is tonic, so most likely it will be difficult for you to fall asleep. When preparing masks, you must strictly follow the dosage, otherwise there is a risk of skin burn.