How to treat the liver at home using folk recipes and herbs


To date, one of the most pressing issues is: "How to treat the liver at home?" Unfortunately, very few people can boast of excellent health.

how to treat the liver at home
Due to the low level of ecology, many productsthe food is saturated with toxins. Various diseases involve the reception of a large number of medications. And the abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco exacerbates the already unenviable state of our liver. It is worth noting that the uniqueness of this internal body is not only that it is our filter. Hepatic cells are predisposed to self-healing as soon as it is no longer loaded. Keeping a healthy lifestyle that relates to nutrition, a little help in the form of applying folk recipes, and you can feel much better.

How to treat the liver folk remedies

Before applying any recipe folkmedicine, you must firmly remember: without a diet can not do. Mandatory restriction of fat. Try to consume vitamins, proteins and digestible carbohydrates.

How to treat the liver at home with honey

Among liver diseases is not the last placetakes up jaundice. In order to restore liver cells more intensively, it is necessary to take daily about 200 g curd mass. For its preparation you will need low-fat cottage cheese, art. l. floral or herbal honey, pre-mixed with 20% royal jelly. This combination of products has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on the affected liver cells. Add a lot of yogurt or yogurt at will. But it is strictly forbidden to use sour cream, otherwise the effect will be negative.

how to treat the liver with folk remedies

How to treat a liver at home with the juice of a burdock

This recipe will be useful to everyone who hashepatitis. In order to prepare juice, we collect leaves without cuttings. The most suitable month for this procedure is May. Washed and dried leaves are crushed in a meat grinder. The resulting gruel is placed in a gauze pouch and squeezes the juice. For a season you need to drink about one liter of juice of burdock. Take the prepared product on a tablespoon during each meal for one week. Then take a break for a week, after which start taking the juice again. And so until you drink one liter.

What herbs to treat the liver

what herbs to treat the liver
The usual mint is not only pleasant to taste. This thirst quenching drink has a beneficial effect on liver cells. Brew 2 tbsp. l. in two glasses of boiling water, then insist for a day. The resulting broth should be divided into three doses.

Calendula flowers have a powerfulanti-inflammatory effect. If you brew 1 tbsp. l. in a glass of boiling water, insist for 3 hours and take three times before eating, the liver will soon stop worrying you.

The root of the dandelion is washed and dried, after which it is fried in a frying pan in a crushed form. The resulting powder add one pinch to the food during each intake.

In order for you to never be bothered by the question of how to treat the liver at home, try to apply the proposed recipes of traditional medicine for prevention.