Symptoms and treatment of bronchitis: only the doctor will help


Symptoms and treatment of bronchitis is something that every parent should know. After all, this disease most often happens in pre-school children, and especially this applies to babies younger than one year old.

Main symptoms

If a child develops this ailment, then,The bronchial mucosa is inflamed, and there are swelling. In addition, they accumulate mucus, which prevents breathing normally. In these cases, parents can hear wheezing in the baby's chest, he has a so-called hard breathing, which only the doctor can hear in the stethoscope.

Symptoms and treatment of bronchitis

Also, the baby can lose appetite and riseheat. It is necessary to have a frequent cough, which is dry at the beginning of the disease, and after a few days it becomes wet, as sputum begins to depart. It will intensify at night, because the vertical position of the patient promotes its activation.

All of the above is athe main symptoms. And the treatment of bronchitis, of course, should be followed immediately and carried out regularly, since episodic medications are unable to solve the problem.

Bronchitis: what are the dangers?

The causes of the disease, by the way, can be the mostdifferent: bronchi can be affected by bacteria or viruses. Also, the appearance of an ailment can cause passive smoking, alcohol, or the inhalation of a number of chemicals.

Bronchitis in children with symptoms of treatment

Disease can also occur in mild form, withthis it will be virtually indistinguishable from an ordinary cold. But in any case, to identify the symptoms and treatment of bronchitis can appoint only a doctor. You do not need to engage in amateur activity, assigning to it its functions.

Although the disease is not dangerous, but with its"Elimination" is preferably not to pull. If these requirements are not met, it can become chronic or "lower" even lower. In the first case, every acute respiratory infection will end with bronchitis, and in the second, pneumonia may begin.

Beware of obstructive bronchitis

One type of disease is obstructivebronchitis. Its peculiarity is that the bronchi are even more affected than with a common ailment, and their muscles are regularly sharply reduced, that is, a spasm arises. In this case, the child does not have enough air, he begins to breathe more often, but the nasolabial triangle can become blue at the same time. Both symptoms and treatment of bronchitis in this case have a number of characteristics.

The baby with such manifestations of the disease showsquite understandable irritation - and this discontent the more, the younger the baby. The disease can last for 10 days, if you do not carry out the necessary treatment, then everything can end with a bronchiolitis, which can later cause asthma.

How to treat?

How to diagnose at homebronchitis in children? Symptoms, treatment - all this is determined only by the doctor, as already mentioned above, he also puts the diagnosis. The methods that are usually recommended for the expulsion of ailment are humidification, ventilation and establishment of a drinking regimen.

Popular treatment of bronchitis in children

Of course, doctors recommend taking anddrugs that dilute sputum, helping her out. Can be useful and drugs that relieve spasm, but antibiotics are not always able to benefit.

If you decide to carry out folk treatmentbronchitis in children, perform procedures must be very carefully. It is advisable to consult with doctors, as self-medication can cause the development of additional complications.

For example, the reception of herbal baths, which oftenadvised in bronchitis, or inhalation can lead to the fact that the child will begin to suffocate. The reason is that a lump of dry mucus inside the bronchi will increase in size.