Pharmaceutical means "Fenozepan". Instructions for use


Pharmaceutical preparation "Fenozepan" instructionon application describes as a medicament of synthetic origin. It is available in the form of tablets (0.5 or 1 milligram each) in packs of fifty.

The drug in question is an extensivegroup of tranquilizers. He is able to effectively eliminate the feeling of inexplicable anxiety, strong inner tension, extreme irritability and fear, soothingly affecting the central nervous system. In addition, the preparation "Phenosepane" (the instruction for use includes this information) relieves convulsions and facilitates the promptest falling asleep, and the most natural sleep occurs.

Patients who take this medication,that the next morning after its application there is no characteristic gravity in the head, there is no feeling of depression, working capacity does not decrease. This drug can improve mood, relieve headache, eliminate dizziness, increased sweating and heart palpitations. Also, the ability of the drug to reduce the tension of the muscles of the skeleton is noted.

The tranquilizing abilities of the drug appear several days after the start of its administration.

Pharmaceutical preparation "Fenozepan" instructionon the use of prescribes to use to treat neuroses and neurosis-like conditions, which are accompanied by fear, anxiety, extreme irritability. He is also appointed to restore emotional stability, for the therapy of vegetative-vascular dystonia, to eliminate sleep disorders, to remove hangover syndrome in the fight against alcoholism. In addition, this medication is used for cramps, tics, certain types of epilepsy, as well as for strengthening the effects of painkillers and anesthesia medicines (in surgery).

The drug "Fenozepan". Instructions for use

This drug is usually prescribed, one tablet two to three times daily, the food intake (take it orally). Gradually, the daily volume is increased.

The average duration of the therapeutic courseaverages two weeks. If agreed with the attending physician, the treatment can be extended up to two months. To eliminate sleep disorders, the medication takes a maximum of two tablets half an hour before bedtime.

It is noted that patients of advanced age should be extremely careful to increase dosage.

The drug "Fenozepan" (instruction onuse of this information) may cause some side effects. Among them are: drowsiness, muscle weakness, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth. However, with a gradual increase in the dose of the medicine, the above-mentioned undesirable phenomena do not arise.

The preparation "Fenozepan", the description of the action of whichwas given above, with an overdose causing speech and coordination of movements. Side effects disappear, as a rule, with a reduction in the dose or complete withdrawal of the medication.

In the manufacturer's annotation, it is especially noted that the combination of this medication with alcoholic beverages is dangerous for the health and life of the patient.

Pharmaceutical preparation "Fenozepan"contraindicated in myasthenia gravis in severe form, malfunctioning kidneys, liver, as well as individuals whose activities require increased concentration and timely response.

It is recommended to store this medication ina cool place, protected from moisture and direct sun rays. Tablets are suitable for use for twenty-four months from the date of manufacture, ampoules - for three years.