How to brew a dogrose for immunity in a thermos bottle?


If you stocked the dog rose for the winter,it was dried and stored in a dry place, then rest assured that in the winter no colds will be scary to you. How to brew a dogrose and drink, so that it brings the maximum benefit? We will discuss this in detail in our article.

The most vitamin wild berry

On the healing properties of berries "dog rose" people knowsince ancient times. Our ancestors also collected it, dried it for the winter and then brewed teas and decoctions. Today, the usefulness of dogrose has been scientifically proven - it contains a large number of microelements and vitamins that the body needs.

how to make a dogrose for immunity

Useful properties of dog rose:

  1. These berries contain a very large amountvitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid. According to the degree of vitamin C with rosehip, only black currant and exotic fruits of actinidia can be compared. If you compare it with the popular lemon lemon, then in the last ascorbic acid it is less than 50 times less than in the dog rose.
  2. Ascorbic acid, which is very much inrose hips, perfectly helps to assimilate such an important trace element as iron. And it is because of its lack in the body that iron deficiency anemia develops in man.
  3. In the hips, enough vitamins are present. Among them - P, A, K, E, as well as some B vitamins.
  4. A high content of trace elements useful for the organism. These are calcium and iron, manganese and potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, cobalt, copper, chromium and others.

From what diseases heals?

Rosehip is recommended for colds and viralinfections, with kidney stones, because it has an excellent diuretic effect, with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, it is an excellent cholagogue and helps with gastritis with low acidity.

Tannins that are present in the dogrose, pectins, essential oil, as well as organic acids are very useful in certain diseases of the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract.

how to brew a dogrose and drink

Tincture of rosehip perfectly neutralizes andremoves salt from the body uric acid. This is good for the body in such a disease as gout. Traditional medicine has long and successfully used a decoction of wild rose to treat this ailment.

The hips of the dog rose are rich in substances thathave antioxidant properties. But it is antioxidants that excrete free radicals from the body, which constantly arise. A large number of free radicals in the body provokes the development of cancer. Therefore, dogrose is indispensable in the prevention of cancer diseases.

To maximally preserve all the healing properties of this berry, you need to know how to brew the dog-rose for immunity correctly, so as not to negate all the benefits.

Only not boiling water

How to brew a dog rose for immunityto save all vitamins and trace elements? This task should be approached responsibly, because improper brewing can significantly reduce the utility of this decoction.

to brew a dogrose in a thermos bottle

Brew the rose hip for immunity you can so skillfully that save all the useful substances. So, if you need to improve immunity, you need to prepare a medicinal drug in the following way.

  • We take dried berries and shake them in a mortar so,to get 2 tablespoons dry mixture. It is very important to do this procedure immediately before brewing, because vitamin C, which is very much in the dog-rose, quickly oxidizes and loses its useful properties when it comes into contact with air.
  • Then take 2 cups of boiled water and heatits about 85 degrees. To bring water to a boil is not recommended, since at this temperature, vitamin C will break down. Add the crushed rosehip mixture to the hot water, cover the container with a lid and put it on the water bath for 15-20 minutes. After this, you need to allow time for the broth to cool down.
  • Strain the broth through a strainer or gauze - and heready for use. Due to the fact that the dogrose was not filled with boiling water, it retained a sufficiently high content of vitamin C. To further enhance the healing effect, you can add honey to your taste.

The thermos will come to the rescue

If for you the recipe of preparation on a water bath is combined, it is possible to weld a dogrose in a thermos. This method is used by many: the drug, infused in this device, is saturated.

how to brew a dogrose for immunity to a child

How to brew a dogrose for immunity in a thermos bottle? If you need to quickly prepare a decoction, it is still less than 3 hours, it will not work. So consider these time limits and prepare the broth beforehand.

Take 2 tablespoons dried berries, wash them,remove the hairs and leaves. We crush the berries with a knife, and it's best to pass them through a meat grinder. The crushed rosehip will give away a lot more vitamins than whole berries. We fall asleep this mixture in a thermos in volume of 1 liter and we pour slightly cooled by boiling water (water should be below 90 degrees). Close the thermos lid and let it brew for 3 hours. After this time, the product is ready for use. If you drink it for disease prevention, you can add honey to taste. If you plan to take a broth of dogrose for medicinal purposes, it is better to apply it in pure form.

If you want to not get sick in the winter, be sure to carefully study how to brew the dogrose and drink it properly.

We maintain infusion day

Brewing a dog rose in a thermos is recommended ifyou want to get a useful therapeutic drink, which is used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. We take dried berries at the rate of 1 tablespoon per half-liter of water. Grind them and fill them with boiling water. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to insist the remedy without opening the thermos, at least 12 hours, or even better - a day.

"But what about vitamin C?" - you ask. He's going to collapse from such a long heat treatment. Indeed, almost nothing remains of ascorbic acid. But in the infusion will pass cinnamon and oxycoric acid. It is these useful substances that improve the functioning of the gallbladder and help the bile in the body to produce a better quality. This infusion is very useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

A great drink instead of tea

"How to brew a dogrose for immunity to a child?""- ask mothers who want to do HIV prevention and immunity. We recommend using the two methods described above: either in a water bath or in a thermos for 3-5 hours. Remember that a child such a decoction can give no more than three glasses a day. Be sure to adhere to the following rule: a glass of infusion can be drunk either half an hour before a meal, or an hour after a meal. Use it during meals is not recommended, so that other products do not level their useful properties.

It is possible to offer and a faster version of that,how to brew a dogrose for immunity to children. 1 teaspoon dried berries crushed, pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 5-7 minutes. After that, having filtered the received tea, it is possible to drink it.

how to brew a dog rose for immunity to children

Do not forget that:

  • decoction of dog rose can not be given to children who have not turned one year old;
  • It is not recommended to drink rosehips to those who have gastritis, colitis, stomach or bowel ulcers;
  • is contraindicated in children who have allergic reactions.

Correct dosage

Do not think that the broth from the dog rose can be drunkliters and every day. No! This only harm your health. After all, in this drink - a lot of useful active substances that will encourage your body and make it work better. Therefore stick to this scheme: no more than three glasses of broth a day, half an hour before a meal or an hour after. Do not forget about the large amount of vitamin C that can damage your tooth enamel. Therefore, after taking the decoction, rinse the oral cavity.

how to brew a dogrose for immunity in a thermos bottle

After three weeks of regular use of this rosehip, take a break for a week, and then again you can take it.

At what diseases it is not recommended

brew briars for immunity

A large number of nutrients in this berry imposes certain restrictions on the use of decoctions and tea from the dog rose. They are not recommended:

  • People who have gastritis or gastrointestinal ulcer. Vitamin C will unnecessarily irritate the mucosa, which can contribute to exacerbation of ailments.
  • Patients who have found thrombophlebitis, endocarditis, heart failure. Broth of dogrose increases blood clotting, which is very dangerous in these diseases.
  • Long-term use of infusions of rose hips can contribute to suppression of the insular apparatus in the pancreas.
  • Remember that decoction of rose hips lowers the pressure, so hypotensive patients need to be careful when applying it.
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