The drug "Resolute Pro". Instructions for use


The drug "Resalute Pro" belongs to the groupphospholipids. The medicine is given in capsular form. The active ingredient used is: PPL 600 lipoid, which includes polyunsaturated phospholipids from soya lecithin, glycerol, tocopherol, soya purified oil, triglycerides. The preparation "Resolute Pro" instructions for use characterizes as a hepatoprotective agent.

Resolute about feedback
The activity of the drug is due to accelerationregeneration in liver cells, stabilization of membranes, inhibition of oxidative processes, suppression of collagen synthesis. The drug "Resolute Pro" (instructions for use contains such information) normalizes the exchange of lipids, lowering the concentration of cholesterol by increasing the formation of its esters of linoleic acid.


Medication is indicated for fatty degeneration inliver of different origin. The drug "Resolute Pro" (expert reviews confirm this) are effective in cirrhosis, toxic lesions, chronic hepatitis. The indications include hypercholesterolemia with ineffectiveness of diet therapy and other non-medicamentous measures.


Resolute about instructions for use

Do not administer medication with antiphospholipidsyndrome, soybean intolerance, peanuts, phospholipids, and drug components. Caution is shown during treatment of patients up to twelve years of age. Due to the lack of necessary data on the safety of the drug during pregnancy or during lactation, the appointment is performed solely in accordance with vital indications, after assessing the relationship between the likely risk and the intended benefit.

Dosing regimen

The preparation "Resolute Pro" instructions for userecommends taking two capsules three times a day. It is advisable to drink the medicine before meals. Duration of admission depends on the nature of the pathology and the patient's tolerability.

Adverse Reactions

On the basis of therapy in some cases, there is discomfort in the epigastrium, hives, diarrhea, skin rashes. Women rarely bleeding during the intermenstrual period.

additional information

what is better than a resolution or an essential

In practice, no cases of overdosemedicine. Presumably, when the medicine is poisoned, there is an increase in adverse reactions. There is no specific antidote. In this regard, when an overdose of the drug "Resolute Pro" instructions for use, recommends standard interventions. No cases (of clinical significance) of drug interaction with other medicines have been reported. However, incompatibility with coumarin anticoagulants (the drug Warfarin, Fenprokumon and others) is not excluded. If you want to prescribe these drugs, you may need to adjust the dose. Often patients are interested in: "What is better -" Resolute "or" Essentiale "? It should be said that both these drugs are part of the group of hepatoprotectors and have a similar effect. However, the medicine "Resalyut" on average is twice as expensive as the "Essentiale".