How to use "Sumamed" for children, reviews and recommendations


Medicinal preparation "Sumamed" for children,reviews that are left by those who applied it, often has positive. This drug belongs to the new generation of antibiotics, which have a wide range of actions that are used in the fight against various infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Apply this drug in such diseases,Bacterial origin, such as infection with ENT organs (angina, laryngitis, sinusitis, etc.), respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis). In addition, it can be used in diseases of bones and joints (arthritis and osteomyelitis), scarlet fever, some skin infections.

In most cases, "Sumamed" for children reviewsafter its use contains, talking about the effectiveness of this drug. It is made in the form of a powder from which a suspension is prepared, or in the form of tablets with a small dosage. The drug is prescribed only by a specialist with whom the dosage is also discussed. The main active ingredient here is azithromycin, belonging to the macrolide group. The excipients that are in the preparation, sucrose, sodium benzoate, tragacanth, glycine, flavors.

"Sumamed" is assigned to children from 6 months weighingmore than 10 kg. The action of the antibiotic allows you to assign it without preliminary testing on drug-susceptible infectious agents. This is very convenient for treatment on an outpatient basis, however, the use of the drug in chronic diseases is not recommended.

If the pediatrician has prescribed this medicine, the parents,most often, analyze the information available about it. In addition to the fact that "Sumamed" instruction should be carefully studied, reviews about the preparation are of no small importance. In this case, the manifestation of side effects is quite rare. However, it is necessary to know the contraindications before starting a course of treatment.

Thus, it is not recommended for patients,having severe violations of the liver and kidneys, with increased sensitivity to the components contained in the drug. When pregnancy is prescribed "Sumamed" in exceptional cases, only after consultation with a specialist. If the drug should be drunk during lactation, then it is best to stop feeding.

It should be noted that the drugSumamed, a suspension for children, reviews about the effectiveness are much more common than in the tablet form. This is explained, in part, and a convenient form of release, which allows unhindered to give the drug to children, accurately observing the dosage.

Well absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract,the drug quickly enters the blood, reaching there the necessary concentration, which persists for a long time. Depending on the dose, the action of the drug occurs. At the maximum allowed it destroys the bacteria, and at the minimum - suppresses their ability to reproduce.

Speaking of which "Sumamed" for children reviewshas from consumers, one can not help but note isolated cases of side effects. Among them may be nausea, headache, allergic reactions, increased excitability, insomnia. If any of these symptoms are found in the course of treatment, then it is necessary to consult a doctor who will replace the medicine with a more suitable one in this case.

Also, "Sumamed" for children, reviews on whichrather positively characterize it from all sides, it is permissible to take with gastric ulcer, as the bacterium causing this disease is sensitive to this drug. Sumamed is excreted from the body, mostly with urine, partly with feces. The tablet form is recommended for children who have reached the age of 3 years.