Instruction for the application of "Zhavel Solid": description of the tool


Measures aimed at disinfection of facilitiesenvironment, can get rid of dangerous microorganisms. To do this, use special tools. Instruction for the application "Zhavel Solid" contains information on the spectrum of the effect of the agent and the methods of its application. Let's get acquainted with this information in more detail.

Description of the tool

Currently, pathogenic microorganismsmultiply and spread in the environment with great speed. It is simply impossible to prevent infection without observing security measures. For surface treatment it is recommended to use disinfectants for special purposes. Instruction for the application of "Zhavel Solid" refers specifically to this category of goods.

instruction on the application of the javelle solid

It is impossible to do without disinfection in hospitals andbeauty salons. It is necessary to process not only the working surface and tools, but also the hands. In medical rooms, the containers used for storing masks, consumed materials are subject to mandatory processing.

Indications for use

Instructions for use "Zhavel Solid" is positioned as a universal disinfector. Means in the form of tablets are used in the following cases:

  • general cleaning of premises;
  • disinfection of cosmetology and medical tools;
  • processing of instruments and equipment;
  • cleaning of transport for transportation of patients;
  • disinfection of dishes.

"Zhavel Solid": instructions for use in dentistry

Dentists know how important it isHandle tools and instruments used in the treatment of teeth. After all, in the oral cavity each person lives a huge amount of both harmful and useful bacteria.

zhabel solid instructions for use in dentistry

To process the surface and toolsdisinfectant based on the sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid, it is necessary to dissolve the tablet in water. The tools are processed for 15 minutes. Instructions for use "Zhavel Solid" recommends that you use 100 ml of ready-made mortar per square meter.