Medication Fezam: side effects of the drug


"Fezam" is a medicinal product intendedto improve the work of the brain. The medicament consists of two main components: cinnarizine, which improves blood circulation of the brain, and pyracetam, stimulating the processes of metabolism in its cells.

Despite its nontoxicity, the drug "Fezam"has some side effects. Since this medicine is prescribed for long-term treatment in case of serious diseases, it should be taken only under the supervision of doctors. It is not recommended to be treated independently and to take the drug "Fezam" for the elderly to improve the intellect and memory. Taking a drug for this category of people is fraught with the development of parkinsonism - an ailment that leads to the death of brain cells and the loss of human control over their movements.

The drug "Fezam": side effects

Of course, we can not ignore the allergicreactions to this pharmaceutical agent that are inherent in almost any medicine and depend on the individual characteristics of the human body. Allergy when taking the medicine we are considering is manifested mainly in a different kind of itching rash, urticaria, passing into the swelling of the subcutaneous tissue. For any manifestations of allergies, it is necessary to cancel taking the drug "Fezam".

Side effect can manifest itself in the form of abdominal pain, nausea, headache, loose stool, increased drowsiness or, on the contrary, insomnia.
There are contraindications for admission from the kidneys and liver.
The drug "Fezam" completely and quickly absorbed andenters the blood, distributed to tissues and organs. In severe diseases of the kidneys and liver, the use is contraindicated, because the medicine is destroyed in the liver and is subsequently partially excreted through the kidneys. If violations of the functioning of these organs will occur accumulation of active substances in the body.

The drug "Fezam": side effects during pregnancy

This drug should not be takenpregnant and lactating mothers, as piracetam can penetrate the placenta and be excreted in breast milk. Although laboratory studies of the negative effects on pregnant women and the fetus itself have not been shown, but no one can safely state the safety of the drug for these categories of patients.
The same applies to children under the age of five.

The drug "Fezam": side effects in Parkinsonism

Parkinsonism is slowprogressive syndrome, characterized by an increase in muscle tone, as well as bradykinesia and trembling hyperkinesis, which arise as a result of varying degrees of damage to the extrapyramidal system. With prolonged medication "Fezam" in elderly patients may increase symptoms of parkinsonism, as the drug includes cinnarizine, which adversely affects the extrapyramidal system.

The drug "Fezam" and alcohol

Although some indications for taking medication"Fezam" are relevant in the state of alcohol intoxication (the need to reduce the viscosity of the blood and the vestibular apparatus), use of the drug after drinking alcohol is unacceptable.
Components included in the preparation causeoppressive effect on the nervous system, brain activity and general psychophysical activity. This is especially noticeable at the initial period of taking the drug. If, at the same time, alcohol is taken along with the medicine, then their joint action on the central nervous system can lead to a mutual multiple increase in side effects.

The drug "Fezam": side effects and driving

Manufacturers do not prohibit the use of thismedicine when driving vehicles and performing work that requires quick reaction and concentration. However, cinnarizine causes drowsiness, reduces reaction and attention, so driving a car under the influence of the drug "Fezam" is only possible for those who do not have similar side effects.