How to brew ginger for weight loss


Ginger is an amazing source of many usefulsubstances. It contains calcium, aluminum, asparagine, choline, chromium, caprylic acid, fiber, germanium, iron, magnesium, manganese, linoleic acid, sodium, potassium, vitamin C and many others. A special spicy and tart aroma of its rhizome is felt because of the essential oil content in it. The phenol-like substance (gingerol) gives the ginger root a burning taste.

how to brew ginger for weight loss

It is used to treat pain in the abdomen, back,with migraine, cold, toothache and even with motion sickness in transport. The use of ginger for weight loss has become very popular. After all, it has the property of accelerating the metabolism. Next, we will discuss in detail how to take ginger for weight loss. Substances that contain the root of this plant, can improve blood supply and warm from the inside. As a result, the metabolism increases, and this, as is known, contributes to the loss of excess weight. In order to get rid of extra pounds, use fragrant invigorating drinks, teas and other dishes based on this product.

How to brew ginger for weight loss

Tea made onthe next recipe. For cooking, you will need a two-liter thermos, a ginger root about 4 cm in size and garlic (2 cloves). Such a drink will help you achieve the desired parameters. Peeled ginger slice thin slices together with garlic. Put the ingredients in the thermos, pour boiling water and leave for a while, so that the tea is infused. Then strain and drink during the day.

how to take ginger for weight loss

How to brew ginger for weight loss, usingorange? This drink, in addition to efficiency, has an unusually pleasant taste. You will need half a spoonful of ground ginger, a pinch of ground cardamom, peppermint leaves (60 g). Mix everything with a blender. Pour boiling water mixture for half an hour, strain and add 50 ml of orange and 85 ml of lemon juice. To taste, put the honey and chill. This tea is very refreshing, thanks to the mint flavor.

How to brew ginger for weight loss, to simultaneously normalize the work of the kidneys and bladder? Everything is very simple. In ginger tea, you need to add cranberry leaves.

In general, to reduce weight, it can be added not only to tea, but also to all kinds of herbal infusions - lemon balm, mint, strawberry.

So, let's summarize how to brew ginger for weight loss correctly.

cooking ginger

  • To brew two liters of tea, you need a root the size of a sink.
  • The preparation of ginger for brewing tea is a thorough grinding. Try to cut it as small as possible. For this you can use potato peeler.
  • After the tea is brewed, do not forget to strain it, otherwise it can get too saturated.
  • If you drink a drink before eating, it will help dull the sensation of hunger and reduce appetite.
  • Ginger tea has an invigorating property. So, do not drink it at night.
  • In addition to using ginger in days of active weight loss, it can be added to tea leaves with black or green tea.
  • The recommended dose of this beverage for weight loss is two liters per day.
  • It is most convenient to brew it in the morning. Pour into the thermos and during the day drink on a cup.

Now that you know how to brew ginger for weight loss, you can tackle your figure with the help of delicious, healthy and fragrant tea.