Is it possible to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?


With the invention of antibiotics, mankindsignificantly increased their chances of survival in a collision with diseases that had not previously been saved. At treatment of some diseases without antibiotics simply not to manage. But powerful drugs are not so harmless to the body; after antibiotic therapy it is necessary to restore the body, in particular the microflora of digestion. And many people are interested in the problem: is it possible to drink alcohol when taking antibiotics? After all, life is not worth a while, and the prescribed course of these preparations may well coincide with some joyful or significant event: a wedding, an anniversary, or at least the arrival of a close friend who lives far away and comes infrequently.

Can I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

The mechanism of interaction

The main contradiction between antibiotics andalcohol is that they act on the person directly opposite. If alcohol suppresses activity of some organs, then drugs, on the contrary, stimulate it, so that the sick organism copes with the infection as quickly as possible.

The second contradiction is that these medicinaldrugs slow down the rate of alcohol degradation. Alcohol during the reception of antibiotics "stuck" on the stage of acetaldehyde, which begins to accumulate in the body and poison it.

In addition, alcohol-containing liquidsare processed by the liver, and she is responsible for the processing of antibiotics. Doubled load is in no way useful to this body. In addition, he may simply not be able to cope with two tasks at the same time. That's why doctors say a decidedly "no" to the frequent question of whether it is possible to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics.

taking antibiotics and alcohol

Laboratory confirmations

And doctors are so categorical with good reason.They have all the reasons to be cautious about combining the incompatible. Experiments were carried out on animals to determine whether it is possible to drink alcohol when taking antibiotics. Subjects partially blinded or gloated. Many had teeth, and baldness was observed. And practically all animals became much more aggressive and unbalanced.

The most frequent and possible consequences

First of all, taking antibiotics and alcohol giveintestinal disorders: diarrhea, vomiting, at least nausea. In second place - dizziness and an intensifying headache. Coordination may be impaired, brain activity is hampered, down to temporary insanity. If you are allergic, then wait for an exacerbation. And your allergy can change the reason and direct the action already on medicines that threatens very unpleasant results. In this case, antibiotics increase the effect of alcohol - you become drunk in an instant, and the "Ba-dun" will not leave for several days.

alcohol during antibiotics

After the end of treatment

Sobriety should be the life rule and infor some time after completion of the prescribed course. The duration of forced abstinence after taking different antibiotics is not the same. After some, you are allowed to drink the next day; and some require a two-week break. About these nuances and the doctor will warn, and the instructions are necessarily written.

Alternative opinion

Some doctors believe that harm combiningalcohol and drugs is too exaggerated. The question of whether it is possible to drink alcohol when taking antibiotics, in their opinion, gave birth to a lot of myths, prejudices and prejudices. But even doctors with such broad views are still advised to at least limit the amount of hot drinks. In the end, it's not so difficult for a couple of weeks to avoid the need to overturn a glass.