Why in a dream I grind my teeth: possible reasons


Often people ask the following question to theirto the dentist: why in a dream I grind my teeth? In addition to the psychological aspect of this problem, as a result of which a partner of such a patient experiences discomfort from such sounds, there is also a medical aspect - this phenomenon is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.

why in a dream I grind my teeth
Dentists say that very often a personin a dream he squeaks violently, and does not notice this for years. As a result, the oral cavity is deformed. In addition, there is the possibility of erasing the teeth - under pressure, the enamel is thinned, the gum is inflamed, and cracks appear. Also creaking can provoke caries. And if the teeth are artificial - creaking with teeth also hurts them. Implants and prostheses are destroyed from this even faster.


Such a pathology as a tooth grinding, in medicineis called bruxism. It is quite common. What is the fact that almost every child under the age of 7 years is exposed to this or that degree. And if the kid asks the question "why in a dream I grind my teeth," it is worthwhile to tell him that this is normal, until the indigenous ones grow up. But how do you determine that you yourself are suffering from bruxism?

the man in his sleep grinds his teeth
It is not easy to notice this if they do not say soother people - because squeaking teeth refers to the unconscious reactions of the body. But if you have a bite change, the crowns of teeth are deformed, or ulcers often appear on the oral mucosa, an alarm should be sounded. Other signs may be clicks in the ears, headaches, and neck pain. After going to the doctor, he can refer you to additional diagnostics - electromyography. This method will help to fix the activity of the muscles of the mouth.

It is important to know!

But still, everyone with this problemwonders: "Why in a dream do I grind my teeth?" The main reason is psychological. Usually a creak indicates that a person can not even relax in a dream. Not without reason one of the true signs of bruxism is the feeling of fatigue in the morning. So the body reacts to psychological overwork, stress. Also, the cause may be increased brain activity. Surprisingly, it's a fact: a man in his sleep grinds his teeth sometimes just because he likes to gnaw the tip of a pencil.

in a dream he squeaks violently with his teeth
But to all the well-known cause of bruxism - worms - is completely inconsistent, as modern doctors believe. At the very least, science could not identify the connection between these two phenomena.


Why in a dream do I grind my teeth? To understand the cause, you need to know your own medical history - after all, the scraping may be a consequence of congenital anomalies in the structure of the jaw. Bruxism also contributes to the lack of teeth or their excess. And according to the latest data, people who suffer from Parkinson's and Huntington's disease are most likely to have it.

After determining the cause of the squeak,to begin treatment of ailment. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that provoke the night creak with teeth. Relaxing neck and shoulder massages in the evenings, botox injections into damaged facial muscles, and hypnosis as a psychological therapy will also help.