Useful properties of lavender for human health


In ancient Rome, flowers of perennial shrubLavender plants were used as a natural flavor for bathing. From time immemorial, the people of Greece knew about it. They fumigated their homes with dried beams of plants, saturating the room with a floral fragrance. Lavender grows in the Canaries and in India, as well as in the Mediterranean countries.

useful properties of lavender

This plant has a lot ofmerits. In addition to its elegant beauty and delicate aroma, it has long been used as a remedy. Useful properties of lavender are manifested due to the presence in its composition of essential oil, rich in tannins, linalool with its esters, coumarins, triterpene compounds and acids. The stems and leaves of the plant contain teraniol and borneol.

lavender useful properties and contraindications

The ethereal little, produced from lavender, is an excellent medicinal product. It is used in perfumery and cosmetology, as well as in many other industries.

Useful properties of lavender allow to useher oil with bruises and bruises, and burns. To make baths as a flavoring are the stems of the plant. It contains a lavender component called honey. It also serves as an excellent medicine.

Useful properties of lavender are used to removediscomfort sensations in the stomach and its treatment. To eliminate these pathologies, a special tea is brewed. When preparing it, take the dried flowers of the plant in the volume of one teaspoon and add them to a glass of boiling water. The resulting mixture is filtered after five minutes. The dosage of taking such a drug is two to three cups a day. Useful properties of lavender are used in getting rid of melancholy, neurasthenia and hysteria. Healing plant helps to remove irritability and eliminate insomnia. It also helps with a variety of infectious ailments, bronchitis, tuberculosis and asthma. The intake of lavender is recommended for meteorisms and the presence of intestinal parasites, with whooping cough and cystitis. Traditional medicine men often use lavender. Useful properties of this plant is recommended for use in rheumatism, whites and spasms, rash and fever and many other pathologies.

lavender useful properties

To eliminate these ailments is usedlavender broth. A healing drug of fifty grams of plant material is prepared by adding steep boiling water to it. After that, the mixture is brought to a boil, ten minutes with a water bath, filtered and added to the bath. The procedure should last twenty minutes. After it passes you should go to bed.

Lavender oil in the amount of two droplets can bemix with a teaspoon of honey. Such a drug perfectly helps with coughing and relieves inflammation in the bronchi. It uses lavender to accelerate the process of tightening the wounds and with pediculosis. This healing plant is used for healing on the legs and hands of ulcers. Often, lavender is also used as an additional means to eliminate the effects of bites of bloodsucking insects, as well as snakes and animals. Recommend the plant for hair loss and acne.

Lavender, useful properties and contraindicationswhich are familiar to healers for many centuries, is not recommended for women in the period of expectation of the child. This plant in large quantities stimulates the number of uterine contractions, which can cause a miscarriage.