Means of "Plakvenil". Instructions for use


The drug "Plakvenil" is used for rheumatoid, juvenile arthritis, discoid, systemic lupus. In practice, the medication was also prescribed for the prevention and treatment of malarial seizures.

Dosing regimen

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The medicine "Plakvenil" for children is assigned fromCalculation per kilogram of 6.5 mg. At a weight of the child up to 31 kg, the total amount of the drug should not be more than two hundred milligrams. Adults, the elderly including patients with rheumatoid arthritis are recommended per kilogram of 6.5 mg. The maximum allowable dose per day is not more than 400 mg. It is recommended that the product be washed with milk in a sufficient volume (not less than 200 ml). In the treatment of arthritis, the medication "Plakvenil" (instructions for use contains such information) may be taken in combination with glucocorticosteroids, salicylates. The dosage of these and other additional agents can be reduced in this case. So, the medication "Cortisone" is taken in the amount of 5-15 mg less, "Hydrocortisone" - less by 5-10 mg, "Methylprednisolone" or "Triamuinolone" - 1-2 milligrams less, "Prednisolone" - less for 1- 2 mg, "Dexamethasone" - by 0.3-0.5 mg. In the treatment of lupus erythematosus means "Plakvenil" instruction for use recommends 400 mg / day. The frequency of medication is 1-2 r.

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In order to prevent the manifestation of malarialThe drug is started taking two weeks before the expected trip to the epidemiological areas. If there is no possibility to begin therapy at this time, a double loading dosage is prescribed - 800 mg for an adult. For children, the "Plakvenil" preparation (instruction for use confirms this) is given in the amount of 12.9 mg per kg. The daily dose is taken twice with an interval of six hours. After leaving the field of epidemiological danger, prevention is carried out for another two months. When an acute malarial attack occurs, an adult is given 800 mg, after another six to eight hours, another 400 mg, over the next two days another 400 mg. For children, the dose is 32 mg per kg. Means "Plakvenil" instructions for use at the same time recommends drinking for three days.

Side effects

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On the basis of therapy or prevention, probableMyopathy, headache, neuromyopathy, convulsions, psychosis. The agent "Plakvenil" (the instruction on application on it specifies) can cause frustration of accommodation, hearing loss, anemia of hemolytic or aplastic type, keratopathy. The negative consequences of prevention or treatment include tinnitus, soreness in the abdomen, upset of the liver, atrophy in the optic nerve, and pigmentation disorders. Some patients had myocardial hypertrophy, atrioventricular blockade, emotional lability. With an increase in the dose of the drug "Plakvenil" (instructions for use warns about this), side effects are intensified. Overdose in children increases the risk of death. When poisoning with the drug recommended urgent gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy. Assign activated carbon, ammonium chloride.