"Omeprazole" and alcohol: compatibility and consequences


"Omeprazole" - one of the most modernantisecretory drugs. It is used to treat stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal inflammations. Compatible with omeprazole alcohol or not? The answer to this question can be found below.

Description of the preparation

The compatibility of "omeprazole" and alcohol exists,but many drugs contain active substances. They, on contact with ethyl alcohol, cause side effects. "Omeprazole" reduces the production and activity of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The drug regulates the production of gastric juice and an enzyme that breaks down proteins. The drug has a bactericidal effect, suppresses and destroys the cells of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, restores the acid-base balance of gastric juice, eliminates the symptoms of ulcers and gastritis, improves the patient's well-being, and does not allow relapses. Produced in the form of capsules, tablets and powder.

omeprazole and alcohol


"Omeprazole" and alcohol can be compatible with each other. The drug is used if:

  • A complex treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacterium is required.
  • The patient has Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.
  • There is a throw of gastric juice in the lower part of the esophagus.
  • Heartburn, which lasts a week, has become aggravated.
  • Diagnosed gastropathy or polyendocrine adenomatosis.
  • There are violations in the digestive tract.
  • It is necessary to prevent ulcers.


After drinking, omeprazole can not be taken. The main contraindication to prescribing the drug is intolerance to the components of the drug. Also it is not recommended to take it:

  • in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • with gastritis with low acidity;
  • with oncology of the stomach and duodenum;
  • with osteoporosis;
  • with a tendency to fracture (brittle bones);
  • with intestinal infections;
  • with renal and hepatic insufficiency.
    omeprazole and alcohol compatibility


The drug contains an active substance - omeprazole. There are additional ingredients in it, namely:

  • gelatin;
  • glycerol;
  • nipazel;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • water;
  • dye.
    Omeprazole with alcohol can be

A tool is produced in solid opaquegelatin capsules. "Omeprazole" with alcohol can or not? Judging by the composition of the drug, alcohol aggravates the patient's condition, causes a strong inflammation of the mucous membranes, prevents the drug from acting on the problem.

How to use

Is it possible to combine omeprazole with alcohol? Doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol during the treatment period. The agent is indicated for various diseases of the upper GI tract. Take "omeprazole" before the main meal or during breakfast. If the medicine is used repeatedly, designate it for evening time. "Omeprazole" in capsules can not be divided and chewed. The dose is washed down with clean water without gas. Tablets are allowed to dissolve in water, juice or yogurt and drink in this form for half an hour.

The standard dosage is 20 ml, but itis adjusted individually. Prescribe the drug courses for up to eight weeks. For example, with gastric ulcer the dose is 20-40 mg per day for two doses in one to two months. "Omeprazole" and alcohol combined is not recommended because of the high probability of occurrence of adverse reactions and exacerbation of the disease.

can omeprazole with alcohol

Adopt "omeprazole" adults with diseasesGastrointestinal, and in some cases, children older than five. Dosage is selected individually, taking into account the weight of the child and age. The medicine is used not only to solve existing problems, but it is also considered an excellent prevention. Do not take "omeprazole" if the patient has malignant neoplasms. The composition of the drug is lactose, so do not prescribe a remedy for patients with intolerance to the substance.

If you take omeprazole for a long time,lack of magnesium. The appearance of arrhythmia, seizures is an alarming symptom, will eliminate which stopping reception. High doses also cause leaching from the body of calcium, which leads to brittle bones, frequent fractures and dislocations. Negatively affects the drug and the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy, so its reception is absolutely contraindicated. The active substance provokes the appearance of malformations of the fetus and even miscarriages. With caution, take "omeprazole" only from the second trimester after consulting a doctor. The drug does not inhibit psychomotor reactions and does not affect the ability to drive a car.

omeprazole after alcohol

Compatibility with alcohol

"Omeprazole" and alcohol are an undesirable combination,which can aggravate the disease. The drug is used to eliminate excess acidity in the stomach. It should be taken only as directed by a doctor. The active substance in "Omeprazole" is an inhibitor of the proton pump. The peculiarity is that it suppresses secretory activity. The instructions for use do not say that alcohol in combination with it can harm a person, but not all so unambiguously.

  1. Doctors do not prohibit mixing alcohol and medicine, but warn of the occurrence of side effects, indicated in the instructions to "Omeprazole."
  2. Side effects of the tool are amplified underexposure to alcohol. The patient may be disturbed by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, agitation or vice versa, depression develops. One of the most dangerous side effects is the occurrence of hepatitis and a violation of the liver.
  3. "Omeprazole" is a pathogenetic substance thatadversely affects the liver. If you take both alcohol and medicine at the same time, this body is waiting for a strong blow. This is especially true for patients who regularly drink alcohol.

Remember: alcohol and medication - an ambiguous combination.

omeprazole and alcohol reviews


Doctors do not recommend using omeprazole withalcohol. It is allowed to combine small doses in single cases, but not to abuse them. The drug is capable of causing life-threatening side effects, provoked by alcohol.

  • It is proved that in this case the composition of the blood changes, thrombi are formed.
  • The patient is worried about prolonged diarrhea, nausea, bloating, sometimes vomiting. Symptoms go away quickly if the therapy is adjusted.
  • In some cases, the language is painted in a dark color.
  • Sometimes there are benign tumors that go away after the end of treatment.
  • Appears skin itch, rash, irritation.
  • Alcohol and "Omeprazole" provoke jaundice and hepatitis.
  • Some patients have impaired vision and hearing.
  • Edema, urticaria, fever, anaphylactic shock are consequences of a dangerous combination.
  • Insomnia, fatigue, aggressiveness and headache go away if you complete the medication and exclude alcohol.

Remember that the compatibility of the drug with alcoholis fraught with dangerous consequences. Do not mix alcohol and diabetes medications that contain insulin. This combination can lead to a coma. It is forbidden to take sleeping pills, antidepressants, tablets from high blood pressure, painkillers, diuretics, cold remedies or antibiotics and alcohol. For the duration of the course of therapy, it is desirable to abandon the hot drinks. It is undesirable to mix alcohol and contraceptives. This combination provokes a violation of the woman's menstrual cycle.

omeprazole with alcohol compatible


Is "omeprazole" compatible with alcohol? Reviews of patients who were prescribed the drug are ambiguous. Some argue that drugs and alcohol in limited quantities do not cause side effects. Others, on the contrary, note the aggravation of the disease. On the other hand, this domestic preparation really copes with its task and is inexpensive. "Omeprazole" quickly restores the gastrointestinal tract, helps with gastritis and heartburn. The disadvantages of users include bright side effects. The product causes allergic reactions, some do not fit. In general, the budget analog "Omeza" is effective.