"Podmoskovye" - sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, services and leisure


Sanatorium "Podmoskovye" The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, abbreviated as FKUZ, is an excellent medical and scientific-methodical institution.

Where to find and how to get there

"Podmoskovye" (sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) is located at 65kilometers from Moscow in the city of Zvenigorod. This place is a resort area, characterized by exceptionally favorable ecological conditions. This it owes to large plantations of coniferous and deciduous forests, as well as a huge number of field grasses and flowers. They give vacationers the opportunity to breathe a full chest with clean and clear air.

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Not far from the sanatorium is locatedSavvino-Storozhevsky monastery and other historical places, which often carry on excursions of tourists, and the hills and ravines with gloomy gorges and steep cliffs create a sense of being in the Swiss mountains.

It's easy to get to the sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Podmoskovye"- Zvenigorod is near Moscow, so the electric trains to the city go regularly and systematically. Then the guests are greeted either by the personal bus of the sanatorium, or they get on the bus number 23. On a private car to the sanatorium you can get on the Novorizhskoe highway. On it you need to get to Zvenigorod, cross the city, and then get to "Podmoskovye".

Accommodation conditions

"Podmoskovye" (sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) is equipped with allamenities in every room. Rooms are located in 2 buildings. In the first - vacationers are offered one-room suites for two. In the second building are single rooms for one person and two-room with all amenities. That means:

  • TV;
  • fridge;
  • a bathroom;
  • shower.

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All rooms have balconies with a breathtaking view of the surrounding panorama.

Medical services

Sanatorium-resort program in this institutionbased on the application of environmental features of the surrounding area in combination with exercise therapy, various procedures and diet therapy. Since the "Moscow region" is a sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are high demands on conditions and conditions. With the maximum diligence in the sanatorium, an atmosphere of complete psychological rest is created, healthy habits are introduced, the correct diet is established.

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Sanatorium "Podmoskovye" specializes intreatment of patients with diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system, CNS diseases, heart and vascular diseases. The following diagnostic and treatment units are located in it:

  • department of functional diagnostics;
  • The ultrasound examination room, which examines internal organs;
  • echocardiography;
  • diagnostic laboratory;
  • 9 medical baths;
  • underwater shower-massage;
  • physiotherapy room - electrophoresis, laser therapy, infrared sauna and so on;
  • aromatherapy;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • a dentist's office, an ophthalmologist, an ENT, a neurologist, a gynecologist;
  • hirudotherapy.

Therapeutic procedures include:

  • dietary food;
  • balneophysiotherapeutic treatment;
  • climate treatment;
  • treatment with mineral waters;
  • counseling therapist;
  • reception of phytospores;
  • hirudotherapy;
  • Exercise therapy.

Experienced doctors work in the sanatorium, they diagnose diseases, prescribe medication or adjust the existing therapy.

Leisure and entertainment

"Podmoskovye" - a versatile place, in terms ofleisure activities. For fans of outdoor activities, there are sports grounds in the open air where you can play volleyball, basketball, mini golf, paintball, football, and also show yourself in a dash. In winter, vacationers can go skiing, visit the gym, play billiards or table tennis, and relax in the sauna with a font.

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In the summer, horseback riding is possible,To rent sports equipment or to visit the "Zvezda" swimming pool, located within the city limits. In order to usefully spend leisure time, guests are offered an extensive library, dancing and other cultural events.

For those who like excursions, indelibleimpressions will leave the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Zvenigorod and nearby settlements are located in places that breathe history. For vacationers we offer walks in the famous places:

  • Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery;
  • the town and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin;
  • house-museum of the composer SI Taneev in the village of Dyutkov;
  • the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow;
  • museum of armored vehicles and much more.

Excursions are carried out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in free from treatment time.

Additional services

In the "Moscow region" (sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) for a certain contingent there is a system of discounts for vouchers. These include:

  • servicemen of internal troops;
  • law enforcement officers;
  • pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of their family.

As additional services there is a discount of 35% for the purchase of the second tour. In addition, vacationers can:

  • book a conference room;
  • order the organization of the celebration;
  • take advantage of additional medical services.

Thanks to the surrounding atmosphere, hospitable andfriendly attitude of the staff to guests, the sanatorium "Podmoskovie" is a wonderful place for rest and recovery after hard work.