Swamp saber - unique plant that gives longevity


So what is this amazing plant -a swampy saber, which for many centuries formed folk legends and legends? There is evidence that the inhabitants of Lapland from time immemorial in a dark polar night drinking tea from this herb to restore strength and health.

This is a perennial, slightly pubescent half-shrub,growing in the marshes. Sometimes it can be found along the shores of lakes, rivers, old men. It belongs to the family of Rosaceae. This plant is inextricably linked with the ecosystem of the swamp. Swamp saber has a creeping, long rhizome and a wooden stalk, recumbent, branched, rooting. The height of the stem can reach 1 m. The leaves of this half-shrub are reminiscent of strawberry leaves and have a pubescence at the bottom of the leaf. Flowers of plants resembling asterisks are collected in inflorescences - umbrellas. Blossom sabelnik in June. Dry fruits of the plant are numerous, naked, flattened achenes, green-brown in color. They have a threadlike lateral column, which is twice as long as the achene itself. Grass saber grows almost everywhere on wet soils.

For medicinal purposes, rhizomes are usedsapelnik, leaves, stems, and plant flowers. In the saplings of the bog wort found: carotene, vitamin C, essential oil, flavone and tannins, resins, catechins, organic acids, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper. In bright flowers of the plant, anthocyanins are found, which are strong antioxidants.

It has long been known that treatment with a saberthe ability to prolong youth and fosters longevity, since it is an easy biostimulator. This is its property contributes to raising the tone, improving well-being, increasing the body's resistance.

Folk healers with full responsibilityargue that the swamp sabernik can cure almost everything. It has a unique ability to remove any toxins from the human body. It is often used for various poisonings. When you take this plant, the body is completely renewed. It promotes the increase of immunity, has an analgesic, diuretic, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, choleretic and astringent action.

In folk medicine, drugs are used,prepared from rhizomes of a plant. They cure gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, improve metabolism, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids, diseases of the cardiovascular system, angina pectoris, ischemia, hepatitis, cholelithiasis, bronchial asthma, acute bronchitis. The effectiveness of the saber in the treatment of oncological diseases, joint diseases, rheumatism, dislocations, osteochondrosis, tumors, hemorrhages, sprains, lumbago, thrombophlebitis, leukemia, gynecological diseases, vaginitis, mastopathy and dermatitis has also been confirmed.

If inflammation occurs inoral cavity swamp saber is used for rinsing. Preparations from this plant are very effective in the treatment of joint and bone diseases. With the help of decoctions and infusions from swamp sabelnik, osteochondrosis, gout and radiculitis have long been cured. Received infusion insist half an hour, filter and take four times a day for a quarter cup before meals. In these diseases, it is recommended to take baths with infusions or broths of the sabelnik, which are added to the bath water. Take her 20 minutes. Water should be a temperature of no more than 38 ° C. To rub the joints patients use tincture from the rhizome of the saber. It is prepared from 50 grams of rhizomes and 2 glasses of vodka. The tincture is aged 3-4 weeks in the dark.

Infusions sabelniku excellent help with severe pain in the stomach, the deposition of salts, gastritis, stomach ulcer.